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Full Version: orz omfg Canada rulez!
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I hope I can paste this link in here ok.

Anyhow, A Stripper and Her accordian player boyfriend are mauled in a safari park in Canada, both of them unable to work in their respective field due to injuries. Lawsuits ensue.

The Stripper gets 800K Canadian Dollars.

The Accordian Player gets 1.7 Million Canadian Dollars.

ORZWTFOMG! Does this mean Canadian Accordian players make twice what a stripper does? Jeebus, Where is the music store, sh*t.

Freakin Canadians period.

Hey yeah, we love our strippers and lap dancers over here. teleport.gif king.gif
I guess the accordian player was denied the use of his hands or something. Talk about rotten luck, but at least the money was good.
So their total payoff is what... $8.52 American?
Last I checked, the Canadian economy wasn't THAT far in the crapper. The US dollar isn't very far behind though.
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