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SEGA Game Master Job Openings




The Game Master/Associate Producer is the front line for various Sega online games/initiatives. As Game Master, they will patrol in-game, gather information, report issues and enforce the rules of the game/community. The Game Master will also act as an ambassador for Sega in the community. As an Associate Producer, they will take on various web projects from time to time.


    * Game monitoring: Patrol the game, interact with users, and glean key issues. Observe general server status. Investigate user complaints about other users. Warn/ban malicious users.
    * Community/Message Board Monitoring: Read and delete inappropriate comments from message boards. Write and post announcements for server maintenance downtime, bug fixes, server updates, etc. Compile FAQ, based on commonly raised issues/questions. Announce and hold community-building activities (in and out of game).
    * Communication: Compile user feedback to send to development team. Communicate project status, recommendations, and requests clearly and effectively, both in writing and verbally.
    * Customer Service: Read and respond to user e-mails.
    * Industry Knowledge: stay informed on new developments in the video game industry, particularly online communities. Strive to broaden knowledge of games, game development, competitive products, and similar topics that may help the developers develop new ideas and new approaches.
    * As needed, take on various web-based projects.



    * Strong experience and understanding of online communities.
    * Strong written and oral communication skills.
    * Polite, professional demeanor.
    * Strong analytical skills.
    * Familiarity with Message board systems.
    * Comfortable using various admin tools for community support purposes.


    * Bachelors degree in relevant coursework preferred
    * Experience with online videogame communities, especially RPGs.
    * Working knowledge of HTML.
    * Knowledge of game development process/cycle.
    * Video game industry experience

This is for PSOBB I am sure, but could it also fortell of the upcoming Phantasy Star Universe?
I totally sent a letter to apply :D
Dunno if San Fran residency is required, so I'm staying outta this. I think I'd do well in the GM part of the job since I've had the experience as a moderator on two boards, which regrettably are now dead. Of course being a forum mod and a GM are similar, yet different at the same time. As for the HTML-ing, that's where I'm a bit on the rusty side.
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