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Full Version: Getting a Laptop this weekend
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Thanks to a big refund check, I was able to split half of it with my mom. In addition to other money I have enough to get a laptop and still be good. The problem I'm having is there's so much to choose from. I'm basically getting it for school so it doesn't have to be flashy or anything and I'm looking for a good deal, but I was wondering if anyone like had any experiences with hp, compaq, or any brand of pcs. My mom and bro have a compaq, and my dad has a dell. I want to go for a different brand and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions experiences, etc.
Very cool. New toys are always fun.
Have you thought about a Powerbook?
It depends how much you have you have to spend to, the Powerbooks are damn nice, price range from $1,499 to $2,699 though.

That is what I recommend as well.
i have a Toshiba and i love it, no problems with it.... definately stay away from HP and Compaq *shivers*
I happened to get a Toshiba laptop. It was originally 980 something including the three year warranty plan, but thanks to the rebats it was only 499.99. It's like the deal knew the right time to come. I like it and my mom made a joke abouttrading laptops. It feels nice. Now I can take notes in class and not get a headache trying to read them, not to mention play games and watch dvds in my free time at school(possibly rare).
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