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Full Version: Shockwave MMORPG!
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FFXI xp grinding/pt seeking got you down? WoW too easy? Can't afford the monthly fees? Well check out the sweet free MMORPGs at Now you too can join in on the games all the cool cats are playing. beigelaugh.gif

Seriously, I checked this out for kicks and almost had fun in PvP where I owned and was owned numerous times by strangers through the miracle of Shockwave programming. It's basically a glorified chat room that gives you a 3d avatar that you can smack other people around with.

My favorite is Sherwood MMORPG. beigesleep.gif

Very interesting indeed. Thanks for the link Dive.
i'll try that sometimes...pretty good what you can do with plain flash/shockwave stuff these days..
It appears my humor is lost on you guys. beigelaugh.gif
i havn't looked yet, but i will beigesmile.gif
omg MMOs worse than fucking runescape!
At least there's no "GOB TO ZONE" or (insert other fave MMORPG line here). The car one was so bad it was funny as hell. I wish they made cars that tough in our world.
OMG the car one is badass! buttrock.gif I like the terrible physics.

Playing some cool music in the back helps a lot.

*Edit* man people are such whores, I can't chill without someone smacking up my car.
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