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Full Version: The banks are robbing you.
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Me and one of my brothers have an arrangement made. I use his credit card to pay for FFXI so long as I pay him for it. Which I have. Anyway, I usually give him the money way in advance or whatever and we usually don't have a problem. But it appears as though this past month there was a problem. My brother did not deposit all of the money intill like sometime of January 20ish. But apperantly it seems as though the bank never recived his money. Which led to his account falling in the negative margin which should not have happened since he deposited more then enough money to keep up. This in turn caused my FFXI account to be deactivated.

So he told me that his money never showed up on the account and he is trying to find out why. Meanwhile, I had a conversation with one of my teachers who was absent a few days ago becuase of another incident like this. Apparently he deposited his tax refund check into the bank and kept close tabs on his account online. He checked it the next day and the amount was not placed into his account. He decided to wait it out a bit, thinking it would take sometime. But after 4 days he decided to call sick from work and went personally to the bank to settle the manner. The people there gave him alot of bullshit and even when he had his deposit slip he still recieved a lot of bullshit. They said it was a seperate matter with the ATM company and that there was nothing they could do about it. Fortunetly he recieved his $6,000 back.

We have discussed this with numerous people in our area and we seem to have noticed that there are lot of people who this has happened to to. Whats even more interesting is that all the people we have found that this has happened to where all minorities.

Anyway, he gave me a website that is like the police of the banks and if anyone should have a similar experince should report to said people.

something very similar happened to me like, 6 years ago.

i deposited a paycheck, and a week later it still hadn't cleared, it had been a whole week, and i assumed it did, and that caused my rent check to bounce, hello fees for a mistake not of my fault.

despite the fact that it is usually a smaller period of static time between deposit, and your cash showing up in your account, IMO this in the flaw in banking, this is 2005, information flies through the air at the speed of light (ok, speed of broadband) there is no reason for such a laggy system anymore.

i'm curious as to which bank you used? mine was wells fargo. i havent used a bank since then.
Always attempt to deposite inside the bank with a teller. Also never deposite cash in an atm. And finally, the "its the atm company fault" is bull, almost all banks have a way to access their atms.
Psh, I thought you guys knew. That's what that little camera in all the ATMs is for. There is some guy that watches the a screen with a keyboard with two buttons on it. One says "deposit", one says "steal". If he doesn't like the way you look, he presses steal. This guy runs the whole world because of this.

But seriously, like Link said, I'd rather wait however long I have to wait to deposit my check personally. I want it to pass from my own hand to the hand of a teller. Call me old fashion, but when it comes to money, I just don't trust the machines whole-heartedly.
Something like this has happened to me too, just last month actually. I deposited 100$ through an ATM and it took around 2 and a half weeks for it to go uh yeah, banks are evil! Good thing I dont pay for stuff through my account yet ><
Yeah its a good learning experiecne in a sense I guess. My brother is still working toward getting his money back but since he lost his deposit recipt its kinda hard.

Seems like im gonna have to take all the money I have saved up under my mattress beigelaugh.gif and open up a bank account. This may also be incentive to get a real job as well. mog.gif
Gar. I know exactly what you mean. >:/ I deposited a check way back in the beginning of January and used it a week or two later to pay a bill. I later deposited another check as cash, causing it to clear immediately and used it to pay another bill. However, it seems that the initial check didn't clear in time, causing an insufficient funds fee to both -- my credit card, and my bank account, which threw off the balance in my account, causing the second check to bounce, as well. So, here I am, overpaying $90 (which would have been $128 if one of the credit card companies didn't clear the charge as a show of courtesy since it was an electronic payment and they eventually got their money) because the bank people are retarded. Oh, and about money disappearing, that happens in my bank also. I'd notice, all thoughout last year, that occasionally -- almost monthly -- two or three dollars would disappear from my account. It's not as large as some of the numbers you've posted, but the principle remains the same. Like Woe said -- it's 2005, you'd think by now we'd have some competence.
QUOTE (Woe @ Feb 4 2005, 01:07 PM)

i'm curious as to which bank you used? mine was wells fargo. i havent used a bank since then.

A few years ago a similar thing happened to my friend through Wells Fargo.
He took his paycheck to desposit.
After a week or so he got a returned check (for something like gas, or food, something very small a $600 paycheck wouldn't have bounced off of). The check had never cleared into his account, but the check had cleared into someone's account. Bank error had misplaced his check and audits never found where they put it.
3-4 months after this at a seperate bank branch the exact same thing happened to another friend (who ended up having his power shut off because the check bounced).

Two branches, both wells fargo.
I thought this sort of thing was exclusive to Utah Wells Fargos...guess this says alot for their nation wide services.
[Quality Control] [you can have this]

My dad had Wells Fargo for several years, but I'm not sure why he ditched them.

Back on the subject, as said before, there's no reason why this kind of thing should happen, with the technology out these days. I got a kick out of the "steal" button though.
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