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Full Version: The World of PSO
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So as of recently, Ive been using my leasiure time to work on my artwork and play been playing a few games. So eventually I play some PSO again and much to my surprise my HL is still active, I could have sworn I cancelled it. Anyway I thought I scope the online scene and Im very disapointed. Same as though a few EU players have gotten their hands on some AR's and some codes and now go dilberatly causing people to disconnect or FSOD. Vega 1 had only 10 people. Alot of people where scattered on all the servers and there where alot of locked games. All though it seems like its just a small group of people who do this and the mostly do this during the early afternoon. (I guess they can't stay up past bedtime)

But on a positive note, They did add some new quests. one being Maximum attack 2. Its like the first one except with monsters and, Seabeds and Control tower addeed to the mix. The Control tower part was rather interesting for one part, they add some riddles to each floor. The mix of enemies is well also, I recall in one room fighting 4 Ill gils at the same time, plus there is more then one epsilon. 8O The best part was a special blur effect they add to the end. gives it a cinematic feel and finish. Very exciting. I'll have you note, it is very hard as well. I damn near died by myself with my racast on normal.

On the EP3 front the main spot seem to be mintaka 2. Always good competition there and still lots of fun. There have been sevral changes in the cards such as Avert costing 1 now and Dice+1 costing 3. Thats just the small things I have noticed. I also stumbled across this link online searching through some old PSO sites I once visted.

PSO: Blue Burst Weapons

Say if your pso id was still active, that means someone was still paying for it, could that be the cause of your ffxi woes?

Heres the link to the PSO EP 1 and 2 HL site
HL Support
Yeah, PSO isn't completely dead yet. They have the Valentine things up in the lobby now and you can get a Black Ring and 5 Photon Spheres for getting all of the hearts in Maximum Attack ver. 1 (and 2 maybe?). I havn't taken the time myself but I still play every couple of days with some people. You have to get 10,000 points in both of them so it takes awhile. Not like anyone plays this anymore and will play these quests but oh well. It will probably be GCs final year for PSO. The AR people are annoying but you just have to avoid them. I quit EP 3 a long time ago though because it seemed like all the good strategies were being used, it got boring, and luck was definately not on my side. bash.gif I just with PSU would come sooner.
I dunno why they gave the name "nice shot" to a partisan. I'd expect that for a shotgun, but certainly not a partisan. It looks like a golf club. Some other things of note on that page are the Daisy Chain (the yellow sword) has confusion as its special, and the Murasame causes death, like the yamigarasu.

Edit: Here's a Japanese site with a listing of known ep4 weapons/items.

While reading this thread and looking over some things, I realized how much I miss PSO and how fun it was when there were good friends to play with. I really wish they would put the new game on the gamecube or XBox so I could get back into it again.
There's always the "beacon of hope" called PSU. Of course I'll probably pick up PSOBB US if it does come here.
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