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This is one of the sites I kept up with for a little bit for DS information. They also have a PSP page to go with it. Here is the PSP launch date with the price and the line-up that is coming with it. So far it is a lot better than the DS launch line-up. Actually Metal Gear: Acid and Twisted Metal: Head On own the DS line-up by themselves. I'm kind of excited about Twisted Metal but I am also excited about this. Cleary Nintendo needs to get their heads out of their asses and make some online capabiliteis for some games. bash.gif About the only way I see DS beating back PSP is if they make some games like PSO and make them online. Twisted Metal online though? How cool would that be sending a nice size missle to your friend's car? We'll just have to wait and see what happens though, but as of right now PSP > DS.
Personally I never was a big fan of Twisted Metal and thought it was and always will be a POS. That game always gave me headaches and what the hell, Metal Gear Solid the card game? (Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass.)

Frankly, both DS and PSP suck in my opinion and are nothing more but a bunch of hype. The only games that have peeked my interest are Armored Core: Formula Front and some of the Ridge Racers games. As well as gran turismo. To me all this online things seems like another way in which to horde good quantity of money from a good amount of people. I won't be getting the PSP intill the price gets to $99.95 or enough of our Fellow AT'ers get one and we could game online. Although if I wanna play online, I'd much rather do it in the comfort of my home.
I agree with Mr. breaker, the whole handheld fad is rediculous.

personally i have no desire to play PS1 or N64 quality games just because it "fits in the palm of my hand" if you ask me, the marketing for these kinds of things come down to "mommy, buy me a gameboy(insert whetever other name you like) so i can play pokemon while i run around the playground!"

so untill a handheld projects a 17 in screen into ones retnas, and packs the proccessing power of modern desktops, you wont find me bothering with one.
Yea the only other game that interest me is Wario Warez Touched! for the DS.
But I'll stick to my Advanced Wars 2 for GBA.

Virtual Boy > ALL.
Haha Virtual Boy. I remember half of those things beign returned after selling about a million.
You people are all smokin' rock.
How are we suposed to get to Animal Island if we don't have a GBA to connect to?
Wake up people!!!
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