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Anyone ever heard of this, read about it on Slashdot yesterday. Makes all the broke ass whiners who complain about gilsellers and botters think. Bling Bling!

Its a MMORPG thats Free! (As in beer) Free to download, and Free to play every month. Guess what? You want items? You pay REAL MONEY for stuff. This eliminates the IGE's of the world. Cool eh?

Cool graphics. I like the futuristic world look. Though, paying for virtual items is not for me. I find it strange that this has been around since 1995 and I have never heard of it. o_O
I remember reading about it a while back...i didn't know it was still going though...i guess some like the online cash concept,not sure if i would though hehe.
There's one like this coming out soon, but that's not the name - some guy at Gamestop tried to sell me on it. It's free to play online, but you have to pay for patches that then add content!!

Guild wars, perhaps? beigerolleyes.gif
There's on I see advertised on Penny Aracde all the time called Second Life. I don't know. The whole concept just seems lame to me. It just seems like a money making scheme to me.
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