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Full Version: Save Toby!
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This little bunny needs your help!
10 to 1 he uses that 50k on something else and eats said rabbit anyway. I hear rabbit tastes like chicken anyway. WTF?? Save Toby underwear?
I saw something similar not too long ago, except it was a hamster. Clearly not an original idea, and a scam. cry2.gif
I'm just surprised at the dude's balance of over 14k. A sucker is born every minute.
Hes one guy I would like to see is ass beaten by some PETA nutjob
I doubt that's his real balance. He could photoshop any amount he wanted on that picture.
Ah yes, how could I have forgotten about the almighty photoshop?
i'd like to bash.gif that guy. i cant believe the shit people pull these days to make themselves some money, that's just sick.
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