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Full Version: Damn you heroin!
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So, I was in Best Buy today and I saw PSO for X-box for $10. I was like, "$10! awesome! I should totally pick this up."
Then, I realized that I had cancelled my Trial LIVE account and that PSO requires you to have an account in order to play. But, for a brief second, I though "That's ok. I'll just get a LIVE account."
So... doing the math... that would be almost $80 for a game (PSO) that I don't really play anymore and a service (LIVE) that I never really got into while I had the trial account.


Damn... PSO's grip is strong!

ps: I didn't buy it.
Hahahaha! Yeah, PSO does that to a person. Hell, I bought my GC in 2002 just to play it.
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Feb 22 2005, 04:16 PM)
Hahahaha! Yeah, PSO does that to a person. Hell, I bought my GC in 2002 just to play it.

I'm with you there. Bought my Cube in anticipation of PSO.

...and I'll be buying a new console for PSU if it isn't going to be on GC or PS2.

I hope we see something about this at E3.
I hope it doesn't join the ranks of vaporware out there.. We haven't heard anything about this since last E3. I'd guess ST is being hush-hush.
That's funny because PSO was the reason I bought the X-box. Then it came out to GC about a year before!
And, I too will be purchasing a system based on PSU in the future. That is of course if it ever comes out. It worries me also that there have been NO updates to that site. Maybe no news mean kick-ass news!!!
Perhaps all will come to light once E3 rolls around.
Vitamin D
Yeah I hope PSU isn't some kind of sick joke cooked up by ST. beigelaugh.gif The lack of new information is frightening though. cry2.gif
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