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Full Version: Gran Turismo 4
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Did anyone get this game yet? Even though I haven't played too long, I gotta say that this game is amazing, everything from the graphics to all the cars that this game has. 650 according to the game cover O.O; but instead of going on how good I think this game is, I'll post 2 pictures that I took guitarist.gif



I hope the pictures work, both of them are about 400KB each.
Oh my dog! Thats so beautiful I think im gonna cry2.gif .
I don't want that game, I NEED that game.
I can't believe I didn't realize it was out already, I feel like a total mario.gif . Man i gotta pick this up as soon as possible.

There are 3 game series that Im always at peak interest to hear info about. Armored Core, Legacy of Kain, and Gran Turismo. toast.gif
Looks great, especially the casino pic. I suck at racing games, so I'll stay away from this one.
holy shit I'm running out to get it now.
Be back later hahaha.

EDIT: Ugh I have to wait till like tomorrow or something and it's raining =(

EDIT EDIT: woot i got a hold of it. Now for the unwrapping challenge.
I have been looking forward to this game for a long time. I can't believe I missed the fact that it is out now. I'll have this game soon.

You took those screens Bri-n? So GT4 has a screencap feature? Any more info?

I found the answer to my question while posting this. Is this how it works?

however there is a decent amout of information on the Photomode. It will consist of two basic components, Photo Travel and Photo Drive. Photo Travel allows you to take your selected car to one of 15 different locations and place it anywhere in any way you like. From there you can adjust the camera angle, change the depth of focus, and add special effects, as well as many other photographic options. Photo Drive is a function that will allow you to take any existing saved replays and use them to generate live action photos. Special effects are available, from motion blur to color tones, and you will be able to chose from any of the 300 preset camera angles.
I think you can transfer pictures with a USB thumb drive. I've yet to try it out.
Yeah there are 2 modes for taking pictures, and what you posted Dive pretty much sums it up. The 2 pictures from my first post are taken from Photo Travel, and the following are from Photo Drive. As for the USB Pen Drive, that is what I'm using to transfer these pics.

Las Vegas Drag Strip

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