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Full Version: Microsoft defines 1337!
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Take a look, it speaks for itself. beigebiggrin.gif

>A Parent's Guide to Computer Slang.

It's funny that Microsoft would actually waste time on this type of thing. Is it really that big of a issue? Hehe, amusing still.
0/\/\9z |*|-|3412 /\/\1<12050f7. |*|-|012 7|-|3*/ |-|4\/3 <124<|<3d 73|-| 1337 14/\/9u93! attention.gif
I wonder if this is really necessary for M$ to do this.
Helping to understand!

0/\/\9z |*|-|3412 /\/\1<12050f7. |*|-|012 7|-|3*/ |-|4\/3 <124<|<3d 73|-| 1337 14/\/9u93!

Omgz Phear Microsoft. Phor they have cracked the leet language!

Double translation.

Oh my god, Be in fear of microsoft, For they have cracked our elite language!

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