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Full Version: Devil May Cry 3
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Anyone else playing this? The story centers around Dante, and his brother Vergil who are the sons of the dark knight Sparda (you'd know this if you played the first two). You really don't have to play the first two to get into this one. I'm only up to mission 4, but I dig it so far.
A friend of mine told me to go DMC 1 and 3 because he said 2 was shit. I never did get to 2 but I loved the first one. I've been hearing good things about 3 so I may have to go get it.
just beat this game its amazing and made me want to play through dmc1 again i truely love the difficulty of this game
DMC 2 was total crap. It's really one of the worse action games on the PS2.

I've heard that DMC 3 is really great, but I haven't played it yet. I was thinking of renting it some time.
Everyone seems to say this, Ninja Gaiden, and God of War are the triumvirate for kick-ass action this gen. I love NG and GoW, and I'll probably be picking this one up later this month, looks to buttrock.gif as opposed to the craptastic DMC2.
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