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Full Version: SW: Republic Commando
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Anyone played this yet?
I loved the demo a few weeks ago and I got to play a few minutes of the actual game a couple of days ago. If I had the extra $50, I would totally buy this one. I'm only waiting because I picked up RE4 and then Doom 3 ir right arounf the corner.
Anyways...This game has the best introduction I have ever seen. Very cinamatic and very cool. You get to see your "birth" and how and why you are fighting. Kinda wish the guys at Bungie would have done this with Halo. beigesmile.gif
I too played the demo and loved it. My only problem is using a controller for FPS games. It feels like it takes ages just to whip around 180 degrees. Chalk it up to playing Quake 3 Pro Mode with keyboard/mouse and "air control".

Whats the story on the online aspect? Maybe we could rent it and try it out, could be a candidate for the mysterious and elusive "AT Weekly Rental".
That would be sweet to have a game for the AT daily rental. I haven't looked into this game since genraly Im not a big star wars fan. But I may just have a gander at it.
I hear its a great game if you like squad based games, though other than that i have no idea how it runs :O
I might get this but trying to rent it and schedule a night to play it could be fun also....

***where's Crush?***
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