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Full Version: FMA in a whole.
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I just finished watching this entire series today, and up to the ending i loved it, though the way the show ended i have absoloutly no idea where this show lies. Am i the only one who's seen this all the way through so far?

(unless you have access to the japanese versions, i think thats the only way to see the entire thing)
Yea, I've seen the whole thing, like months ago. Old hat now. This thread is definitely a breeding ground for SPOILERS, so if you're in mid series, I suggest passing this on by. mario.gif

I'm not ashamed to admit I cried several times watching this series, and the ending was absolutely bitter-sweet. I did like the ending, because it was realistic in a philisophical kind of way (i.e. ending are never actually happy and perfect)

Well, i loved the ending with a broken heart. But in other words what i mean is that it was a great ending, by scar saying that the brothers had love for each other "The older loves the younger, The younger loves the older" It definetly showed when al sacrificed himself for ed, and then ed sacrificed himself for Al. But one thing that DID bother me was that al was reborn from the day that he died.

Which means the soul afixed Alphonse we grew to love through the entire series was dead, and had no possible way of resurfacing. They left you to know that one day ed and al would be reunited, but would Ed be 11 or 15? Its something i think they could turn into a whole other movie or even series.

The very last thing that had me thinking, 1. how mustang knew pride would be unable to move by showing him his former bones, and 2. i would have enjoyed a more descriptive explanation as to where Gluttony, Envy, Greed and Pride actually WERE created. Dante said she created them, but it would have been nice to see their full story. But wait i lied, because the very final thing that had me thinking, was Dantes final scene with Gluttony in the elevator. Did they kill each other? These are questions i was left with.


On the other hand, the series was absoloutly phenominal and the music was just as good! Very artistic in a beautiful sense. Though i did not personally cry, i would be lying if i didn't at least say i got touched by the stories powerful messages and entising characters.
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