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Full Version: How has everyone Been?
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I havn't posted in forever because of work ; ; Working 12 hour days for shit pay sucks ass.

Got a new job, working for UPS now. It's a kick ass job, and it also gives me alot of free time.

What's everyone been up to while I was away?
I've been stalking the nights searching for human prey that i may behead in the night, so far unsuccesful, but someday? who knows.
School --> Work --> Gaming at night
That is my usual routine for the week, while weekends are generally devoted to drunken debauchery with friends.

Good to hear from you again dude.
work, family, free time gaming beigesmile.gif
What games do you people play now a days, I need something to do and I might as well do it with good people.
think most of us are either on ffxi still or WoW right now. good to see you back around.
I've been good, glad to see ya back
Yah, for the most of us we're still all suckers, i may at some point check out guild wars after it comes out, but only time will tell O.O
I'm good ol angsty me. Yeah, I've been on WoW quite a bit, and it's happy. Yush.
With that said, I'm off to work. Much love.
School > Kids > Games thats pretty much me.
Been a zombie as of lately to routine. Haven't gotten any new games still playing the same crap. boo.gif

Good to see you back though! trophy.gif
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