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Full Version: The Pope
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As you all may or may not know, Pope John Paul II has passed on. Whether you're religious or not, this man has touched the lives of millions around the world. He will be missed.
I religion,in my neck of the woods,isn't as strong as it use to be,but there's still a lot of people living,who's entire life and belief revolved around religion.

May he rest in peace.
Though it was a harsh way to go, i think he would have wanted it this way. I too am not a strong catholic, but if it WERE a message from god, its that everyone is an equal, he doesn't choose favorites, and people will go how they will go. rest in peace john paull II.
Here's another interesting bit of information:

A while back, a guy named St. Malachy made a prophecy about the Popes all the way up to the last one before the world ended. Supposedly there would be two more popes after John Paul II left. Supposedly the last one will take the name Peter the Roman.
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