Well for you Doom junkies, the expansion appears to be shipping today/tomorrow.
Taking place 2 years after, they added 6 new demons, new weapons, including the always badass double barrel shotgun. Teasers also mention the ability to manipulate time, gravity, and use of demonic powers. Since this one is supposed to be done, or atleast large parts in hell. Hopefuly we will get the hell levels Doom 3 left out.

Between this, Silent Hunter 3, and always UC. Im gonna be busah!

Doom3 website can ofcourse be found Here
note: I highly recomend viewing the trailer for the expansion, shows some of the fun shit to be done!

As for Silent Hunter 3, if you are a WW2 submarine freak like me, this looks to be a damn fine game. A modern graphic/gameplay mix of the old silent hunter games, as well as my all time favorite, Aces of the Deep.

SilentHunter 3 can be found Here