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Full Version: logical progression.. o@
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~a philosophical topic, regarding the state of our world - physically, technologically & spiritually...perhaps my question of the moment for the folks of ~athq.. is this :: do you feel to be either proud or digusted with how we are progressing as a species? if proud, then why? if not, then what do you see to be the obstacle(s)?

& yes, SCU ~ i intend to answer, once i reflect further & collect my thoughts.. teleport.gif
I love topics such as this one. I intend to post my response as well, I just need to gather my thoughts. Which might take forever. beigelaugh.gif
I would have to say both, and I'll elaborate on my reasoning later after I finish some homework.
ahhh... Good ol' DivA. beigesmile.gif

Is it pride or disgust that we, as humans, have made our environment adapt to us rather than the other way around?
Is it pride or disgust that we have artificially lengthened our lifespan which, in turn, has given ways to all sorts of horrible diseases to kill us off?

I thought I would take the pessimistic route on this one and bum everyone out. beigelaugh.gif

More to come...
Well, you know what they say about eggs and omelettes.
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