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Full Version: Anyone still play WoW?
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I'm considering jumping back on WoW, and wondered if anyone still plays. If so, what server?
*Edited because it's flamebait, you know better man*

I still play with the guys from VM...Stormrage server.I think some people here are playing incognito somewhere or stopped playing after a while all together.
I know SaitoH and them over at voodoo moose play on Stormrage but a certain amount of people here are playing on Medivh now.
If you see a level 6 warlock named Wolzard (over on Medivh) hanging around Elwynn, any assistance leveling would be appreciated. beigesmile.gif
im still playing
I'll be on tonight, I just have work and all that fun stuff first. Blah.
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How does it go again? Care Bear stare!
QUOTE (Mute @ Apr 14 2005, 05:31 PM)
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But yeah Medivh is where some of us are at. I finally managed to hit level 60, with my hetic school and work schedual, a few days ago. I'm enjoying the hell of high level content so far.
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