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Full Version: Mmmmm
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bacon filled cake...
That is some strangely colored bacon. skullcross.gif
The counter attack to the countrys "lose weight you fat pig" movement.

Tho, I can see stoners having real fun with this. >_>
I remember seeing those on TV a couple months back. And yeah, stoners would get some use out of this.
Stoners would get no use out of this.
It involves work. And fire. And thinking.
The only good food is Cheetos.

Back on subject...
Is that what bacon looks like now? Pink and white and spongy?
I know it's been a long time since I have eaten (or even seen) bacon, but I remember it being more... flat?
Thank you Icarus for showing us the true meaning of bak'n.
I think what Retehi may be getting at here is either the fact they could always mix in the pot and bake it in the cake (same technique used for weed brownies), or a good solution to the munchies.
Yeah scu, wouldn't a cheeto filled cake be awesome?!

Cheeto-filled cake... that would be an interesting combination.
Editted for content.

Retehi gave me a warning. =/

I've seen the Bake'n Fill on TV. It's nifty.
I'd thought about getting one for my mom for mother's day, but she's jumped on the carb-cutting bandwagon. It'll just collect dust like the plethora of other kitchen gadgets she has.
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