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Full Version: Anyone getting Guild Wars?
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My copy should arrive tomorrow, but I don't know if servers are live yet.

I read up on this game and found it interesting enough to buy.
Probably not. I played the beta but lost interest.
Tell us how it is Scan...i'm interested in it but the PvP is scaring me a bit...
Sure thing. If I'm able to play tomorrow, I'll post first impressions.

The game is free to play online, and its a game you can pick up and play when you want. I figure if its half as good as it sounds it should be worth it. I like the look of the characters, and I like how the class system works. I enjoy pvp on WoW, Guild Wars might be able to satisfy that need since WoW pvp is not perfect.

I like the idea on GW that you can pick a primary and secondary class, and mismatch them in anyway that fits your style. There is no real advantage or disadvantage to doing so, its mostly a playstyle thing. You get a wide range of abilities and skills, but you can only take 8 with you into battle.

Only thing about the free online things is they going to be charging you full price for expansions ($49.99). And I think they may even charge a few bucks for small content additions that don't require a full expansion too.
I love the character models in this game. I just wish there was a little more variety in armor. Also, I wish they showed your armor rating, and also have the ability to inspect others. My last gripe would be quest rewards are the same from killing mobs. I'm not sure if the designers intended this so you just sell them or get crafting components from the items. Though I hear missions give better rewards, as well as quest later in the game. I'm still in the newb zones.

Overall the game loads pretty damn fast from zone to zone. The district system makes sures there is no lag while in busy towns. I like the game, and it is exactly what the developers say it is. This game is a nice get-away from WoW or FFXI that you don't have to worry about draining your credit card every month. I still need to see how the game is later levels. Like in WoW, it changes in scope like every 15 levels. Then you hit level 60, and you can actually start doing the cool areas, and getting that awesome gear.

One thing that never changes about games like this: Newb levels suck.
I'm thinking about picking this up myself. Gonna test out my friend's copy on my comp and see how it runs. Can't beat that free online play gimmick.
Well, I created my own guild. The Raven Order is the name. If anyone wants to join me let me know.
I got this today, and I'll be installing it after my short vacation on Friday-Saturday. =) Gabriell from FFXI and I are gonna try to team up and kick some ass when he gets it. Maybe we can kick some ass with you, Scan?

Updates forthcoming.
QUOTE (Ferra @ Apr 29 2005, 12:06 AM)
I got this today, and I'll be installing it after my short vacation on Friday-Saturday. =) Gabriell from FFXI and I are gonna try to team up and kick some ass when he gets it. Maybe we can kick some ass with you, Scan?

Updates forthcoming.

Sure. It would be nice to have some people to play with. My main is named Zariah Scankid and she is a Ranger/Messer.

This game is a bit overwhelming in some areas. Large areas, and you can't get to new areas alone.

Also, I love the strategy in picking which abilities to bring to battle. You never know how each PVP battle is going to go. This game is all about the PVP. No doubt about it. Everytime I log on, the first thing I do is hit the arena for a few matches. They make the teams at random, but still battles can get heated. I can't wait to be a part of the Guild pvp to gain ranking, fame, rewards, and bragging rights. They also make each "world" compete againts each other (America vs Europe vs Korean). You can take control of this area or something in PVE, and players of the "world" you are on will be able to access this PVE zone where you can find awesome items. You can even pvp againts other "worlds" by going to the international-districts.

Last, I don't like is you can't see your guild mates location, level, and class. This game needs some work on the UI options. I really would like to see what my total armor rating is like I mention in an above most. Then the "one person zone, the whole group zones" thing is a bad idea when you take immature players into account. I already was in a team with one. The bastard kept zoning us back and forth between areas.

Overall, I think this game has lots of potential. I thing the fact its free to play online gives the developers an incentive to add more quality content. With pay games, they try and stretch out the game as much as possible so they can bleed out money from the player base.

Take WoW for example. They were going to wait 6 months to release content in one big patch. But people complained and Blizzard finally released an update. And still all the stuff that was promised at launch is not in the game. Granted WoW feels like the most complete MMORPG at launch ever. I really think a lot of the areas that are "unfinished" are finished. I was reading through the Beta forum archives, and one of the game developers was talking about playing in the Emerald Dream instance. I think Blizzard is releasing content on a time table. But hey. . . Blizzard you have made one fine game. I just get upset when I'm in a team, doing UBRS, and there is another hunter there with Dragonstalker set and Giantstalker set gear. And I have yet to get a piece from the Beastalker set. Whoa got sidetracked there.
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