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Full Version: Namco X Capcom
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Vitamin D
So uh yeah...check out this trailer. It looks like a Strategy RPG crossover game with Namco and Capcom Characters. It looks CRAZY, I really wanna play it. beigelaugh.gif Well enjoy haha.
Interesting mix hehe....could be fun.
This thing just SCREAMS "Banpresto" since it looks and appears to play like the Super Robot Wars games. I just pre-ordered it off Lik-Sang since NCS doesn't have it.

Here's the official site with info on the battle system and the characters. Just look at that line-up!
Vitamin D
Ok, three years later these guys here have released a translation patch for the game. Well actually this is their second one, but this is my first time getting a hold of it. I played the game a little in full blown Japanese, but it was harder to enjoy because I didn't know what the heck was going, or what the hell my items and abilities did. Now though, it's a lot more enjoyable, and the game is quite awesome haha. The story is pretty crazy considering they integrate so many characters with their back story intact, but I dig it. If you have a PS2 that's able to play this, definitely go for it. megaman-run.gif
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