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Full Version: Building Computers for Dummies
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I'm somewhat computer illiterate, so I need some help building a PC. I want to build a good gaming system at a modest price. I would just constantly update this one, but I won't be taking this to college with me this fall. I'll have a laptop, but I know it won't run the apps I'm looking at. I'll be working this summer, so hopefully I'll be able to save enough up to purchase one. People keep telling me is a good site, but I don't even know all of the parts I need to order. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.
I can't really go into specifics. Just pick a computer you're looking at and post it here.
You can try eBay for some deals. I got my computer for $250 there (minus the video card).
Things you need:
1) Mother Board
2) CPU
3) Case/Power supply (If you buy a case it comes with a power supply)
4) Floppy Drive
5) Hard Drive
6) CD-Rom drive
7) Ram
8) IDE cabels (When you get a mother board it usually comes with them, but I never order this stuff online so I donno.)
9) Monitor
10) Keyboard and Mouse
11) OS

If I can think of anything esle I'll edit the post.

If you've never built a PC before, the first time is a very long and anoying process.

If you want a top of the line PC and you don't have the universal parts lying around (eg. Floppy, CD-Rom, Monitor, KB and Mouse) it's ganna be pretty expencive. I would say somewhere between 800 - 1000 bucks.
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