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Anyone else get a chance to see this yet? I am a huge X-Men fan and have been since I was quite young. I have collected and read the comic series for a long time and have a huge collection of issues. I was really impressed with the first movie and didn't think it could be better, but this one is far superior. Brian Singer has outdone himself this time, better capturing the feel of the series. I won't go into details and give away any plot elements but I want to say that this movie is well worth the admission. Even if you are not a fan I encourage you to see it.

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I saw it Friday night. It totally kicked ass. Mystique is teh hotness... want to touch the hiney. I thought Nightcrawler's character was especially well done, too. All in all an extremely (X-tremely?) enjoyable movie. Highly recommended.
X men is cool but heh the Matrix kicks all others, sure ill watch X-2 but Matrix is always first priority evilking.gif
Saw it this sunday, beigebigeek.gif man the line was huge and thats that we saw one of the eariler shows too. But all in all this movie
X-uberating,X-citing,and X-tremly well done. beigelaugh.gif the beggining rocked buttrock.gif and i don't know if its just me but i feel as though they left it open for a sequal. Can't wait to see Matrix 2 guns.gif buttrock.gif
Heh Amen to that guns.gif sniperer.gif plasmabeam.gif bazooka.gif shoot.gif
I also enjoyed this movie. I thought the way the used/killed off Lady Deathstryke was kinda stupid though. Weren't she and wolvering supposed to have a past or some such shit? They totally left it open for the sequal, with lots of foreshadowing of a certain X-men story arc right there at the end. Need to have some Juggernaut and Apocalypse next time though!

Favorite parts for me were the opening with Nightcrawler, the method through which Magneto escaped, and Collosus' cameo, cuz he rules beigebiggrin.gif.
Yea Crush I thought they didn't do enough with Lady Deathstrike. I don't like it when they kill off major characters in adpated movies, like in Batman when they killed the Joker. It would have been cool to hear about some of Logan and Yuriko's past, but I guess it would have been a little more confusing to casual viewers. Movie still rocked though, I love the "bamf!" effect on Nightcrawlers's teleporting. teleport.gif
Me and a friend went to see it Tuesday night. It was totally cool. I totally agree that the part where Magneto escapes was so cool.

The CGI effects with Mystique were great.

This is definatly one that I will own on DVD when it comes out.

I am waiting for the new Matrix to come out. Me and a friend have already reserved tickets for the 10pm showing on Wednesday. I have not watched the preview and dare not as it might spoil some of the movie. I downloaded it though...a whopping 96mb movie file, but will save it for after I see the movie.
Vitamin D
OH MY GOD. X2 royally kicked ass. The story was great, the special effects were awesome, and I was interested in it the whole time (unline he first one >_>) I'm VERY curious to see what they'll do with the Phoenix angle. Marvel movies are doing great!
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