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Full Version: Welcome alland!
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
Welcome to ATHQ, glad you decided to check us out wassup.gif

If I am not mistaken you play a Fonewearl name Sheik correct? Someone will be along soon with your complimentary George Forman Grill beigelaugh.gif and other assorted prizes.
Nice to see ya' here Shiek, make your self at home, an enjoy the chicken wings and beer. You get a nice George Foreman grill for the hell of it to. *hands him beer, wings, and grill*

Ironicly, I'm giving you fattening food, and something that's supposed to "knock out the fat" at the same time. beigelaugh.gif
Yah if seen a foneweral named shiek around the lobbies... Welcome shades.gif
Welcome to the Tribe, alland! Be sure to check out Layrinn's photo shoots. shades.gif
Thanks all. Glad to get away from PSOw. It is slow as heck...and was down for quite a few hours today. Some file not found error...ahhh.

Anyways, I usually (most often) play "Sheik" a (currently) level 126 FOnewearl. I enjoy playing a FO. It can be most challenging and fun at times.

Offline is cake (I have unlocked everything) with a force...but I can't do much damage online...oh well, I guess that is the way it all goes.

I took after 'Rinn as well and also make keyboard adapters...if you all did not know. My own design with some great help from him, thanks 'Rinn.
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