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Full Version: This is too rich...
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Meet baby Sephiroth!
Heh, so puzzling. I'm guessing it's a real name, or the child of rpg nerds?

So, all he needs is a giagantic katana and an arch-nemesis with a giant phalic-esque sword and we're good to go!!!

I think Squenix nerds everywhere will pay homage and tribute to the child in the form of crappy "Final Fantasy: Spirits Within" merchandise, which they found outside in Square's dumpsters.

All joking aside, best of health to the parent's new child.
Haxs skullcross.gif
Its the name of one of the orders of angels
This is true, but the FF7 will probably come back to bite the kid in the ass later on. On top of that, such a name will invariably end up being butchered by everyone the kid meets.
I'm probably wrong for doing this but...
Darth Vader's Opinion
God, babies are so fucking ugly. And stupid. Oh, yea and the name too.
Now someone needs to name their kid SSJGoku.

user posted image
DJ, what are you doing NOT making millions? That pic of yours truely shows your genius for photoshop. True art my friend.
This just reinforces my thinking due to a recent situation of mine, babies should either have the intelligence to be allowed to choose their own names (which can be cool or disastrous) or there should be laws or a test for parents before they name (and in some cases) even have children. But if Seph ends up being his nickname, that would be cool.
QUOTE (Knightsword @ Jun 7 2005, 05:47 PM)
Its the name of one of the orders of angels

I think you mean 'Seraphim.' Funny that I know that.
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