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So one night as I was tossing and turning in bed trying to go to sleep I decide to turn on the TV to lull me to sleep. I happen across a program being showed by Spike TV I think called Ultimate Gamer. I started watching it and was quickly disgusted at what was shown. It made me realize that games and gaming in general has now become a part of pop culture that just has taken the originality and fun-ness(??) out of it. Everything is so commercial and fake, and seems like its all about what gimmick will people buy.

But maybe I'm just expecting too much out of games in general I mean if every game made was Amazing, then there wouldn't be any amazing game to begin with. So with that in mind I ask you whats your ultimate game. The game that made you look at games as more then just games and made you think wow these things are awesome, and why?

I'll post my game in a few posts. I've typed enough as it is and if I type more you guys may not wanna read it. beigelaugh.gif

Quite a few "classic" games comes to mind.If you take in account what a game did when it came out,a game like Mario Bros on the NES is right up revived the gaming industry and consumers started buying and playing videogames again.The first Zelda as well and so many great games on the 8bit NES...then came FF7 that helped Sony have the success they have now with the Playstation's and again,Nintendo redefining 3d gaming with the awesome,at the time,Super Mario 64.

My personal favorite and probably my #1 game of all time is Panzer Dragoon Saga,i was amazed from beginning to end at this masterpiece and still hoping for a sequel,heck i would pay full price and more for an exact remake with the graphics of today.
I started watching it and was quickly disgusted at what was shown. It made me realize that games and gaming in general has now become a part of pop culture that just has taken the originality and fun-ness(??) out of it.

And when you work in the retail business concerning video games, you realize even more how true this statement is with the XBOX console with the american gamers who are obsessed with war games. Perfect example, Ghost recon 2 and call of duty finest hour sold better than Ninja gaiden, wtf? but back to the point.

FF7 will always be revolutionary to me for the story and the characters. It was a game that took my breath away. *SPOILER* Like when cloud fought with himself to find out who he was, or sephiroth, going from the peoples hero, to the worlds destroyer. People will always say they love FF7 for the story, and some will say they don't know why they love it, they just do. Thats me getting into specifics though. *END SPOILER* Now me, thats not my favorite game, but one of them. My favorite game of all time is however lately i'm finding is Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. I never got into metal gear until metal gear solid 2, which i'm happy about. Everyone hated MGS2, but i loved it, it started me out in an entirely ne style of gaming, and the story was a complete mind fuck. I also love FF9......

But now i'm rambling, so there you have it, my three favorite games.
---Well for me this answer is easy. The greatest game of all time to me is
Streets of Rage 2. No questions.

---I remember when I first played this gamer I was still in elementary school, I think 1st grade. Me and one of my brothers would spend forever playing this game. It entertained us. I never understood what it was I loved about that game, but I think I do now.

---Streets of Rage 2 is a masterpeice. From the music, to the character designs, the story, the sfx, and the pivital boss fights. It was all amazing. Easy to pick up, and gives enough of a challenge for anyone to enjoy, yet simplistic enough for the casual gamer to enjoy. A game so uniqiue even my spirits are envigorated by playing it. It also tells a story that I think is universal, people rising against powers that have oppressed and hurt them. Fighting to make their town/home a better place. Hardcore enough for any gamer, yet casual enough for anybody to pick up. It is the perfect balance of game and earned a special place in my heart.

Thats why Streets of Rage 2 is the Ultimate Game.
Well, if you love Streets of Rage 2, then you should consider also playing Guardian Heroes for the Sega Saturn(no GBA crap). I think you'll fall in love quickly.
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