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Full Version: City of Heroes Free 14 Day Trial
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City of Heroes 14 Day Free Trial!

This free trial entails no obligations. It does not require your credit card information. You will simply need to provide us with your email address, and NCsoft will immediately email you a promotional serial code (NOTE: Only one serial code will be sent to an email account), along with instructions for creating a PlayNC master account. You will then use the serial code to add the free 14 days of City of Heroes to your account.

At the end of the 14 days, you may choose to purchase the City of Heroes game, either from our PlayNC web site or from any leading retailer (suggested retail price is currently 29.99). That purchase will have another 30 days of service included***, and subsequent months can be paid for using Game Time Cards (purchased at retail) or using a valid credit card on the PlayNC web site. You will be able to continue using your character(s) from the initial trial.

The 14 day trial serial code can only be used to create a new account and is not eligible to be applied to any existing accounts.

Worth a try, why not, it's free. The character creation is the best I have seen in any game, that alone is worth a look. I think I'll give it a try again, can't pass up a free game trial.
Sounds like fun, this game is actually pretty cool. and yeah, the character creation is the best i've seen to date.
Finally got this game to work. beigelaugh.gif

Its definitely worth a try. The character creation is unbelievable. The game itself seems straightforward and easy to pick up. So far I've just been messing with character creation and running around a bit, but it's a pretty neat game. No, it won't have the lasting power of a regular MMO, but certainly fun to check out for free. beigebiggrin.gif
I already have an existing acc't, plus I'm gearing up for ep4 on PSO.
oddly it glitches on me every time i get into the game, my characters polygons distort and stretch toward the games vanishing point. and don't return to normal at all, /shrug
You could try updating your video card drivers. I was having some trouble with the graphics when I tried this game a while ago, and I think I had to update the drivers.

Warning though, updating the drivers can sometimes bring about new problems. It's best to update, then if need be, roll the driver back to the previous version if problems occur.
I played a bit today and did the tutorial for a while...the game looks like fun...i chose the "Justice" server but i can change that...what server will you guys be on?
That's cool riel, I havent made a keeper character yet, I'll make one on Justice. Let's shoot for a session this weekend, maybe friday night.
mmmmm free. I might have to give this a try.
The patch time is ridiculous =T
They have a system of revisions known as "Issues" and I believe they're on Issue 4 at this time.
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