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Full Version: Unreal Tournament 2004
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I touched on this in This thread, but since it was off topic i thought i would bring it up formally.

I know we have a lot of FPS fans here at ATHQ, and ATHQ's very roots lie in the FPS Genre. so what better theatre of opperations than UT2004, what i feel is the most refined multi player based FPS to date.

the game features all the classic multiplayer variants, deathmatch, team deathmatch, CTF, as well as several other intrasting vairiants including Onslaught(Vehicle based combat), double domination (a king of the hill variant) and even a variant i forget the name of, which is like FPS meets basketball.

the weapons are amazingly refined and very "lovable", the flack cannon, the redeemer mini nuke, the "target painter" that calls in an airstrike, the bio sludge rifle. <3

i could go on but it really has too many great aspects to touch base on, so, anyone up for shooting the hell out of eachother?

I'm interested.

I found UT through pricewatch for $20, I'll check the local Gamestop for their price as well.
Oddies da Nerfed
Demolition derby mod for ut2k4 owns.
hahah hell yea demolition derby sounds badass! buttrock.gif
yeah, thats another awesome thing about UT24k, lots of user based mods and custom maps, the sky is the limit.
I don't know.. maybe if I can tear myself away from Renegade then maybe :D
Oddies da Nerfed
Site for the demolition derby mutator, ive played it some vs ai, which sucks rather bad. But vs other people its gota be a blast, the maps are well done and the various game modes like sumo, soccer, and best stunts make for a nice change.
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