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Full Version: Clay's new avatar
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Need I say more?

Badass, dude.
thanks Rinn! buttrock.gif
Yeah, his avatar is really badass king.gif
Very cool, indeed Claymore! Speaking of avatars, I may need your assistance in getting some in-game screen captures for a new one myself, 'Rinn. Yours come out so much clearer than mine. ^_^
Mute, do you mean that the actual picture quality coems out better on 'Rinn's , or that he is a better photographer. if it's the first one, i recommend you get the new psoproxy, as it gets rid of the blurrign sega add for some inate reason.....

man i wish i had psoproxy, or at least sumthin to let me take screens, like a digital camera.

And BTW nice sig claymore!! i like the eye with the sparkle, and the duotone colour scheme that it stands out from.

i normally try adding active criticism about soigs and stuff, to try and help people see thigs from otehr's views, but i can't find a flaw in technique, only in my personal preferences would i cahnge things, and everyoens opinions are different, so i wont bother stating them.

i very much like that the av matches his character, all blue and yellow!!
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