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Full Version: RE-DS rumors
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According to, there are rumors about Resident Evil coming to the Nintendo DS. It was a small article and they didn't have anything "real" to say other than speculation about what the game could be like, and they also mentioned that Capcom would neither "confirm nor deny anything".

Still, this is cool news. It would give me something else to play other than Animal Crossing DS. beigesmile.gif
Wrong forum holmes. beigelaugh.gif

And I'll just nudge this for ya'.
More info from this site.

July 04, 2005

by: Chris Playo

UPDATED: A British publication is reporting that Capcom is developing a version of the original Resident Evil for the Nintendo DS.
In issue #109 of England's NGC Magazine, the publication has reported that Capcom is currently developing a version of the original Resident Evil DS. The title is said to utilize a camera system similar to that of the GameCube title, Resident Evil 4, as well as implementing the control system of the hit game.

In addition, the publication has said that Capcom will heavily use the touch screen of the Nintendo DS to control the characters' attack actions. For instance, swiping the stylus of the DS will emulate the slashing of Chris Redfield's knife.

It is also likely that the title will use the touch screen of the portable as a mechanism for the game's many puzzles. The possibility also exists that Capcom will include several new puzzles and features into the title that showcase the capabilities of the handheld.

Capcom has yet to officially announce the existance of the title, however details could come at the Tokyo Game Show in September. The show takes place Nippon Convention Center in Tokyo on September 16th, and extends until the 18th. Be sure to stay with DS Advanced for continued coverage of this breaking story.

...and here is a scan of the article.
:edit: cleaned up the scan a bit.

Just a remake it seems. It would be cooler if this were a whole new game. beigesleep.gif
the image that comes to mind is zombies gnawing on that finger from the kirby commercial... beigelaugh.gif
This seems like a dumb move to me. With RE4's kickass new direction for RE in terms of style, gameplay, graphics, and action, putting it on DS seems like a cruel joke. Either it will be a step backwards to the old 2d background, static camera style gameplay that was the series' club foot in the past, or it will be a shadow of the RE4 style gameplay with the 1997-era DS graphics, and goddamn stylus aiming.

I'm sure they'll come up with some interesting puzzle ideas with the touch screen/mic/whatever, but after RE4, "classic RE" plodding around and solving chess piece, square crank, and crest puzzles seems highly unappealing. I'd rather be kicking zombies in the face, bailing out of barns, and snapping necks.

If they REALLY want a portable RE, I wonder why they don't just put it on PSP. It would already fit the RE4-style widescreen presentation, got the analog nub for aiming, and the graphics won't slice your retinas.

Well the latest news on this seems to be that there is a Resident Evil - DS in the works and that it's most likely going to be a Japan only release. I get the feeling from the few screen shots that I saw that it might be like RE: Dead Aim which employed a mix of third person (for exploring) and first-person (for shooting / fighting).
Regardless, I hope it does get released here in the states. I'd love some RE on the go.
Taken from the nintendo homepage.


    * Dual screens offer a more accessible player interface
    * Top screen displays area map, ammo supply and color denoted health meter
    * Bottom screen features main action view and also switches to sub screen menus
    * Touch panel provides innovative gameplay variety
    * New battle elements using touch screen - control the knife with the stylus to slash enemies and even deflect jumping dogs
    * Fend off enemies - an effective maneuver for escaping an enemy's deadly clutches is to move the stylus quickly back and forth over your foe which will shake them off
    * Navigate sub screen menus by using either the touch screen or regular buttons
    * New enhanced controls
    * Reload function - allows players to quickly and easily refill their equipped weapons
    * Quick 180-degree turn - provides much needed agility to escape dangerous situations
    * Knife button - permanently mapped knife can be used at any time, reducing one item from the inventory
    * Microphone function - solve puzzles and even resuscitate your injured teammate by blowing into the microphone
    * Multiplayer network gameplay in specially created mansion map
    * Two to four players can play wirelessly
    * Vs. mode - players compete for high scores by defeating the most enemies and performing the quickest escapes
    * Cooperative mode - work together with others to solve puzzles, collect items and get out of the mansion

Some piccies

user posted imageuser posted image

user posted imageuser posted image
Multiplayer could be cool, but it still looks shitty, and the stylus features seem like gimmicks that would just pull your hands off the action buttons beigeroll.gif

DS has some great games, but this sure as hell doesn't look like it will be one of em.
I'm a little bias when it comes to Resident Evil. I really enjoy the series so I'm being optomistic on this. Although I'm a little weary how multiplayer will be, especially after being dissapointed with the very weak Resident Evil : Outbreak. I wouldn't be surprised if they kept it the online systems, and buddy system as cumbersome as RE:Outbreak and Monster Hunter. Some of the features would be pretty cool though if done right.

Actually one of those screenshots inspired a concept for a game I have for DS. I call it DJ Revolution. The concept would be to use the bottom touch screen to mix music. The top screen would be like a view of the party, and depending on how good your mixing skills where the party would be jumping. If you skills are lame the party is lame. Another would thing would be to use the wifi ability to download specially made songs for thi game and stuff. Or you can have a battle against other DJ's. It would be sweet.
I'm with AC9 on this one...

Nice to find out that it's going to be released in the U.S.. Before, it was rumored to be a JP only game. I am curious to see which version of RE this DS game is going to be. According to Nintendo, it is an updated remake. I recognize a few screens, especially that mansion lobby area. Kind of looks like RE2 to me.

I am just glad to see that they are coming out with more games that I would like to play on the DS. I was afraid that Animal Crossing was going to cost me $150. hahaha...
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