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Full Version: GTA:San Andreas Re-Rated to Adult Only
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Info from Gamespot

Take-Two Interactive announced that as the result of an investigation by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), all versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will now bear an AO for Adults Only rating for "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, [and] Use of Drugs." Previously, the game was rated M for Mature.

The re-rating comes nearly a month after the first reports surfaced of the so-called "Hot Coffee" mod for the PC version of San Andreas. After being installed, the widely available mod lets users play a bonus sex minigame as a reward for completing the numerous "girlfriend" missions in San Andreas.

After video of the mod was widely circulated, such figures as ardent anti-game activist Jack Thompson and US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) blasted the game. Clinton went as far as to publicly equate violent games with cigarettes and alcohol as a hazard to America's youth. In short order, the ESRB launched the aforementioned investigation, which looked into whether the mod was included in the original game or was made by a third party.

This will undoubtedly backfire, as this is excellent press for Rockstar Games. I guess the powers that be have to do what they feel is right, but this kind of publicity will only fuel people's lust for pixelated sex and violence.
You're right, it will backfire. Even though the game is rated "Adult," there really aren't any restrictions to prevent people underage from buying it. It will only aid in fueling peoples curiousity. It's the "Don't push the red button syndrome." People say don't push it, but you want to!

So, it's essentially more public press for Rockstar and people who will be drawn to the hype about the "adult" content as to peek their curiousity.

Besides, I don't really favor running around as a "gangsta" who is "Keepin' it real." I don't see the draw to this game based purely on it's atmosphere(ignoring the quality gameplay for a moment).

Mini rant:

I'm just more sensitive to the bullshit life of the "urban" community that this capitalist society glorifies as a means to make money. Thug life, gangstas, hustling... it only helps in keeping back black communities. To me, this game helps to personify the false sense of glory that might be seen in such a life style. Example:While we might throw out the word "pimpin'" here and there, there really isn't anything cool about a person who exploits women, yet we don't take into consideration how we are glorifying the notion of a pimp indirectly.

We know pimps are bad, yes, but isn't it fucked up to refer to something in a good way, based on something that is a bane to our society?

It is just "a game," but most people, even those who claim they are mature, really aren't mature enough to realize the subtleties that entertainments has on them. If you are able to distinguish the two, then play-on; otherwise, educate yourself to reality.
I find it amusing and ridiculous that there is all this uproar over some badly-modeled titties and clothed sex scenes. It's as if the other content of SA (murderous rampages, pimping, home invasion, gang-bangin', being a busta, etc) are fine and dandy for little kids (who shouldn't have access to a M game without their parent's permission anyway). But oh no, an errant square boob and blow-job motion and then all the sudden GTA is leading society to hell in a handbasket.

But like it was already stated, this will just increase the hype for the game even more. Once they get the "fixed" version out and back down the an M rating, the game will be flying off the Wal-mart shelves again just like it always has.
An old article.

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QUOTE (Tim Surette)
House Bill 4023 was approved 6 to 2 in the state's Senate Housing and Community Affairs Committee on Tuesday, and now moves on to the state Senate. Since its proposal earlier this year, the bill has been readily approved through the legal process.

The bill would allow the state to slap its own ratings on games, ignoring those set by the self-regulatory Entertainment Software Ratings Board, or ESRB. The bill concentrates on keeping violent games out of youngsters' hands, and severely fines retailers who fail to do so.

I think what really bothers me the most about this is the fact that this is a frivlous topic when placed in the grand scope of the problems we suffer in this country or in this world. These whores (politicans) have the ability to do greater things but instead spend their time arguing about bullshit like this.

Taken from the best page in the universe.
QUOTE (Maddox)
Years from now when America has become a withered husk of the morality it once stood for, historians will look back at what triggered it all and point to one event: a boolean variable that unlocked a simulated sex scene in a video game.
Here's some more stuff they put on it.

Apparently this little gimmick is costing rockstar a shitload of money, 50 million dollars to be exact.

Looks like Jack Thompson is continuing his rampage by targeting Killer 7 as the next game to jack up to AO rating.

The "full blown sex scene" that he is singling out (according to IGN) is merely "The sexual scenes in question showcase a fully clothed wheelchair-bound man pleasuring a straddling woman, who is also fully clothed." You see more explicit shit on any primetime network TV show. Gimme a break.

Being a bizarre, niche, and dubious-quality game (and a GC title to boot) one wonders what his motive behind this one are.Also, I'm sure K7 has sold 1/1000'th the amount of copies GTA:SA has. Hardly a threat to society as a whole.

Apparently Mr. Thompson was also a key proponent of the self-rating of the music industry in the late 80's/early 90's with the now-ubiquitous "Parental Advisory" music warning labels.

Along with his allegation of "The Sims 2" being a training ground for pedophiles, I hope this shit blows up in Thompson's face and he gets exposed as the radical alarmist he is. This shit is getting ricockulous. bash.gif
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