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Full Version: Shadowrun in Development for Xbox360
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Info from IGN

A remake of the classic RPG may be a system exclusive.
by David Clayman

July 19, 2005 - Our own RPG Vault ran a Q&A with three respected developers to gain incite into the process of creating game art. One member of the group named Theron Benson introduces himself as an animator who is currently working for FASA Studios at Microsoft Game Studios. FASA is known for MechWarrior 4 and MechCommander2 and is currently working on PC and Xbox 360 games as an internal studio at Microsoft.

The complete quote from the article is as follows: "I have worked on many projects, ranging from PC games to console, FPS to role-playing. Right now, I am animating for an Xbox 2 project called Shadowrun. It's a first-person shooter based on an old paper RPG of the same name from a couple decades ago."

The statement appears to be an unofficial announcement of the revival of Shadowrun exclusively for the Xbox 360. The original title was a pen and paper RPG that was turned into a Super Nintendo game in 1993 and a Genesis game in 1994. The role playing elements appeared as karma points that allowed players to choose what attributes would become more powerful as they progressed through the game. This was a giant leap forward compared to most video game RPGs of the time that automatically leveled up characters according to preset variables.

Hopefully it will be more akin to Morrowind than Doom. The Shadowrun universe is just too cool to be constrained by a simple point and shoot game.

More info on Shadowrun for those of you unfamiliar with the pen and paper or Genesis/NES versions.
I had heard rumors of this being developed for 360 for a while now. It's kinda disheartening to hear that its a FPS though. I think the Shadowrun universe would be perfect for a MMO game, there are just so many different character types and classes, factions and adventures that would be possible.
Yeah it's an FPS, but they will have a lot of effects you've never seen before. I guess they're really playing off the magic+tech stuff. It does make me sad to see it go this direction. I used to play a lot of the original RPG and one of my favorite console games of all time was Shadown on genesis.. good stuff ;)
It's cool that the're reintroducing a shadowrun title, i actually brought this game up as a good candidate for a remake several times in the past 6 months during random conversations, but as crush said, it just screams MMO, It may very well be a good FPS but it seems like a bit of a strange direction for Shadowrun.
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