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July 20, 2005 - The latest issue of Famitsu is home to first details and screens for Resident Evil 5. As we reported earlier, Capcom is bringing this next generation survival horror title to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with veteran developer Jun Takeuchi serving as producer.

Since our initial story, we've learned more details on the game. Takeuchi is somewhat vague in his discussion of what we can expect from the title gameplay wise, revealing only that Resident Evil 4, with the wealth of changes made by director Shinji Mikami, caused excitement amongst Capcom's development staff as a whole, particularly those who had worked on Resident Evil for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Even with the changes, Takeuchi states, there was no mistake that you were playing Resident Evil. We can apparently expect something that, similarly, maintains the taste of Resident Evil while featuring big changes from the traditional play format.

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Famitsu Scan 1

Famitsu Scan 2

Looks like no love for Nintendo on this release. beigesleep.gif
PS3 and XBox360, now I'll have to buy one of them. I just hope I have a good job and lots of money saved up for it. I wish finding a job qualified as a job lol.
Oh snap! I hope it does play like RE4. That game was a blast to play (even today). I'll keep my eye on this one.
Vitamin D
This game will have to be made extremely well to top RE4 haha. But if it plays similar, I'm all for it. Be cool to get more info on this one.
The primary enemy is a new element to the game and it's currently a closely guarded secret. The enemy are meant to come after you in great numbers, conveying the sense of insanity of hoards of natives that Takeuchi took away from Black Hawk Down. We can apparently expect something along the lines of the primary enemy in Resident Evil 4, who spoke a language that you were unable to understand and were more advanced than the zombies that have appeared in previous RE games.

I love the RE series and especially, the storyline behind it. I'm really used to the dark, dreary undead things that define the earlier titles in the series and I guess that is kinda the reason I never checked out RE4. The enemies and environment just seemed too different from what I expect in an RE game. Though, you guys seem to have really enjoyed it so perhaps I should finally check it out. Maybe it will give me reason enough to want to add this next installment to my wishlist.
Having just gotten off a 2-month RE4 bender, I'm totally psyched for this. From the screens it definetly looks like its sticking to the over-the-shoulder ass-kicking of RE4. Bring it on, I say! I only request that they add even more HUNK action this time around.

Hopefully they will throw in some multiplayer aspects too (multiplayer "The Mercenaries" pleeeeeeze) since its on tree-siddy and Ps3, broadband ahoy and all that.

And Mute, as a RE Fan you can't afford to skip on RE4. It's the perfect evolution of the gameplay of the series, totally visceral and intense. Don't be discouraged by the new setting or no "real" zombies. The game is solid fuckin' gold.
RE5 demo is out!

You need to burn it to a CD or DVD to play on your 360, since they blocked downloads of M/Z rated games from countries other than Japan.

For your convenience i uploaded the CD image!

Torrent if you wanna use that.

It has co op play, 2 levels, and its fucking INTENSE. buttrock.gif
INTENSE! Graphics and animation are awesome.
Another thing I like is that you can easily and quickly switch out items and weapons using the D-Pad like Gears of War.
as shallow as this may sound im interested in RE5 just because it has a female character that it black. Sheeva!
It is shallow, and we all knew you would say that. beigerolleyes.gif
The Wii can't handle the graphics and action of this game. I'm not saying it sucks, but it can't... As for the game itself, I could write a very long book about it, so I'll just say this to save you the TL;DR: yay.
I saw the demo for this on the JP Xbox Live Marketplace the other day but couldn't get to it because I don't have a gold account. Thanks to the wonders of piracy, I was able to download the demo and burn it to a CD. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it myself.

RE5 Demo hits US marketplace Jan 26th. We can play online again! buttrock.gif
And the contents of the RE5 collectors edition revealed! Looks awesome!

Yeah, I think Im gonna have to get the SE for this one. for 90 bucks and all the swag you get, I think its a good deal.
and the US demo is up now. Apocalypse Tribe Hunger Force Assemble now!


Tonight..... you.
"I always thought rape was funny, until it happened to me."
AC9Breaker and I played this earlier this week. Worst. Partner. Ever. I kept getting owned by the chainsaw d00d because I'd stop to shoot at him without really thinking about what I was doing before hand. RE555 seems like a really solid game and I'll probably snatch the final release from Gamefly. If anyone ever wants to play the demo or co-op when the final release is out. Drop me a friend request.
I messed around in one of the levels, and it felt RE enough for me! I'm more of a "Get up close to me so I can fuck you up with a shotgun" type though, so the sniper rifle? Didn't do it for me! Chainsaw guy fucked me up because I didn't take advantage of barrel + face shots. Was kinda hoping the barrels alone would do the job! Solid in any case. It's got my 60 bucks!
Only one week left!

Mercenaries mode is back! buttrock.gif

This guy is the worst Mercs player ever.

Jill Valentine is an unlockable character! beigebigeek.gif
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