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So today I got in touch with old friend who I hadn't talked to for awhile. We use to go to school together and even worked together at the same pizzaria. We started reminiscing about those days and at some of the things we found humerous or annoying. As I left his house I started thinking about some of Wiryu's hilarious stories from work. One story in particular that I recalled was when some guy stole a display box from the game store he worked at then came back and complained that there was nothing inside the box.

So I started thinking , I'm sure alot of us here have some very funny things to tell. Feel free to post anything you think is funny or annoying from work. I'll start by telling some things.

I need to make a few things clear. First off I don't know about everyone else but in the tri-state area we call a whole pizza, a pie. I always thought this was common knowledge but I was proved wrong everyday I worked there. I mean come on, I learned to call a whole pizza a pie when I was in first grade learning about fractions. Oh, and it always pissed me off when someone would ask me for a "cheese pizza." What the hell do people think pizza has? A plain slice is composed of 3 things. Without these 3 things it is not a pizza, Dough(the bread),Tomatoe sauce, and CHEESE. Some guy comes in and says, "Let me get a slice with no pepperoni." Me," WTF?"
My favorite thing to do was when a crackhead would come to my pizzaria late at night trying to make change out of all the change he managed to doop people into giving him. Crackheads without fail would alwasy do the samething, put all their change on the counter and proceed to count it, after they finished counting all of it,"Hey papi, you can change this for me?" "No." Then they would lean over to the side a bit and get this look on their face like someone had grabbed their nipples and twisted them to the point that they would fall off. I loved that shit, it was usually the highlight of the day. "huh!? Why not?", they would stammer out. "I'm running low on bills, can't do it." my usual reply. Really though someone had went to the bank that day so we had plenty of bills. Then watch him as he gets all mad and tryies to recollect all his change back in his pocket.
I remember when I worked at an arcade in the local mall, there was this crazy withered old woman that would come in every morning right after we opened (like 10 am). She always wore a winter coat and a wool hat, even when it was hot as hell summer, and her face looked like a tanned leather prune.

Anyway, she would always shuffle around the arcade before anyone was really there, and search through the change return slots for coins for money people had left. HOWEVER, the arcade only used tokens! Usually she would never get anything, because at the time she'd come in, nobody had even patronized the arcade that day. One time, she lucked out though, and I saw her grab 2 tokens from the machine. She hobbled over to the food court next door, and I guess tried to spend the arcade tokens beigelaugh.gif . After a bit she came back and just played some redemption game, and won like 2 tickets, and then she came up to me to redeem them and asked for some tootsie rolls (That are like 2 ticks each), but I felt kinda bad for her and just gave her a big handful beigelaugh.gif .

Another time, there was this woman playing Suzuka 8 Hours (old shitty motorcycle game) and she wasn't going anywhere. So after trying to play it 2 times she comes up to me and says "Hey this game is broken, I want my money back!" So I ask her to show me what's wrong with the game, and she starts playing, revving the gas while holding down the handbrake. bash.gif You'd think that she might have ridden a BICYCLE at some point in her life and known what the goddamn brake was.

Here's a fresh one for you breaker beigebigrazz.gif

First thing, I have grown so tired of retail, so before summer started, i decided to let my job know i was cutting back my hours, and two weeks ago on friday was my first day back in like 3 weeks. Towards the middle of the night, a woman struts into a store with a very angry look on her face and a brand new game in her hand. She went straight to the counter and waved the game in my face very viciously demanding to know why her son couldn't return a game that she had bought for him earlier that morning. I asked standard retail questions "Do you have you reciept or proof that you bought the game at this store? How much was it when you bought it?" and the question that made a bit of a turn around, " When did your son try to return it?"

She had told me he came in 10 minutes ago trying to return the game, now me being the cashier for about 3 hours, knew no one came in to return a game, so i wasn't about to let her belittle me, so i told her what anyone in my position would say "I don't mean to be rude, but nobody has come in to return, and specifically that game since i have been here, and i've been here for about three hours"

She proceeded onto her how dare you speech and demanded to speak with the manager (why does everyone think the manager is always working?) before i got in another word her phone rang, what was said on the other side, i have no idea, but heres her part.

"What're you doing in best buy?!"

She appologized and left the store. My assumption? son found a receipt and the receipt was from best buy, not EBGames. Point? She was in the wrong store. Since then i havn't had any interesting stories worth mentioning, but what an interesting first day back.
Oh, the stories I could tell you guys from my experience teaching college kids....
oooh do tell, i love stories hearing about how my generation is failing or progressing! :D

But man, a college professor who at the same time manages to play MMO's. I commend you Z, because playing MMO's gives you a great idea how dumb some people really are. And in many cases, MMO's appeal to many youngins
QUOTE (Zorya @ Jul 24 2005, 09:43 PM)
Oh, the stories I could tell you guys from my experience teaching college kids....

Thats like telling us you got a freshly baked batch of soft, chocolate chip cookies but your not gonna share. cry2.gif
Besides, everyone loves a post from Zorya!

I'll tell another one.
Once again the same pizzaria. One of the things that made that place as wacky as it was, where the workers. Seriously, I could probably write a sitcom for HBO out of the things that would happen there. This one guy that worked there was the nephew of the owners. (It was owned by two brothers who never got along with each other leading to hilarity on a daily bases) Anyway, this guy probably thought since he was their nephew he could get away with anything, and it seemed like it too since he practically got away with almost anything. He was lazy, & dumb to boot which always lead for some good laughs. Now enter the supporting character. He was an old guy probably like 80 something, and one of the cheapest guys I ever knew. The type of guy that counts his change after you give it to him and if you miss just ONE penny he will ask for it. Also one of the most annoying types of customers in the food business, I call them hagglers. They will bother you to get as much as possible for their money intill your ears bleed and god forbid you did something wrong or you will never hear the end of it. What was even more ironic, he always talk to the owner about how he went to Atlantic City and hit it big in the casinos there. beigelaugh.gif

Well one day its me and the owners nephew working the front counter. We're just standing there bullshitting trying to do as little work as possible when the old man hobbbles in. He ask for his usual, a slice with sausage, and a small diet coke with no ice. I went to make the slice while the owners son gets him his soda and charges him. Except today he changed his mind and opted for a diet sprite. Making the owners nephew dump out the small diet coke he already got him. I finish making the slice and get back up to the front to see him handing the sprite to the old man. I noticed there was a little black speck in the soda. (which most likly is excess sugar build up on the fountains head dispensar.) The old man then says hey there is something in my soda and the owenrs nephew quickly replies, "Oh yeah thats free of charge don't worry about it." I almost died of laughter as soon as he said that. Whats even funnier, the old man didn't say anything and just drank it like that. beigelaugh.gif
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