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Full Version: The future is here.
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Its funny, I remember when I was a kid I always envisioned we'd have flying cars by the year 2000. Or least some hoverboards like from "Back to the Future." So 5 years into 2000 and we still don't have flying cars or any of the cool advance technology I was promised in sci-fi movies and and books. At least in the year 2009 we'll finally be getting our act together with the flying car deal. Also we might finally be getting that optical camoflouge from Predetor and the Metal Gear games. In June 2005, The magazine known as "Wired" helped run an event called Nextfest. It seems to be a yearly thing they do, where the future is previewed today. Consider it a modern version of the Worlds fair.

Nextfest, the link to the webpage featuring all of the cool stuff shown in the Nextfest exhibit such as, andrioids,self cleaning houseware,power-suits,etc. check it out!

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QUOTE (Wired)

You may never have to wait in traffic again. The Skycar aims to let drivers lift off vertically from the highway and speed away from fellow commuters at 350 mph. The first FAA-certified models, powered by alcohol, are expected to be publicly available by 2009.

The cool part about this car, being able to fill the tank and knock back a few drinks at the same place! "Yeah gimmie 20 cash premium, and the car will take the same thing."

The next item didn't look as cool as all the other stuff showed at the nextfest, but its I think its cool that slowly our games are coming closer to real life then we know it.
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Want to blend in? In Optical Camouflage, a subject dons a coat covered with retroreflective material. A video camera records everything that's behind the person, while a projector beams the image onto the front of the jacket, making it - and the person - appear invisible. Could the trickery be any more transparent?
That optical camo is totally sweet. Its like all my MGS fantasies come to fruition.

Now I just need to master my CQC moves...
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