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Full Version: Best movie Trilogy ever?
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So which is your favorite and why? for me, its the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the grandure of the series is imense, with a cumulation of very talented actors, an exellent director, and a story that has a special place in the hearts of many thanks to the novels by Tolken himself. LotR truely feels epic, and stands bar none above any other production to date, at least to yours truely.

The Godfather Hands down. guns.gif
My geekyness won't allow me to vote for anything other than the original Star Wars trilogy. I grew up with Star Wars, and can't remember a time when I wasn't a fan. While some of my fandom of Star Wars may have diminished a bit over time with the disappointment in the lack of availability of the original trilogy on DVD, and the overall lameness of the new trilogy, the original trilogy holds the top spot for me.

I do give Lord of the Rings a close second though. ^^
original star wars .... >.> *looks at bryn* i still have a video of the original 3 >.> copies though but original *hides it* dont even have a vcr any more but it's mine, my preccciioussss.
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Jul 30 2005, 08:32 AM)
The Godfather Hands down. guns.gif

A meritable write in that should have been included in the poll, and a fine series.

btw i love the original star wars too, and it was a tough call, i'll always have a warm, fuzzy feeling with starwars that takes me back to my childhood.

Except for C3P0, i still think he's a pansy, haha.
Tie between Terminator and Aliens, but I just can't choose between them. Tho I'm biased that way. >_>
Lord of the Rings for me...if it wasn't for the last Terminator,which wasn't "sci-fi" enough for me(truck chases are better left in cops and robbers movie hehe)i would of voted for Terminator...all those are awesome though(the first Alien is one of my top sci-fi movie ever).
Sorry, I love Star Wars and all, but The Lord of the Rings trilogy ftw!
QUOTE (Zorya @ Jul 31 2005, 08:38 PM)
Sorry, I love Star Wars and all, but The Lord of the Rings trilogy ftw!

user posted image
You forgot to mention the "Three Ninjas" trilogy.

For shame.
Colt, tum-tum, and >.> um..who was the third one ;x i forgot...oh yea rocky was the third kid
The Star Wars Trilogy is probably my favorite. Though... I think it would've been better if someone killed C3PO somehow... *ahem* Anyway, yeah my two cents. :D Lord of the Rings is great too but who needs bows, arrows and swords when you have lightsabers, x-wings, and the Force? hehe And to Crush, yes the three ninjas trilogy is an honorable mention. beigebigrazz.gif
Original Star Wars Trilogy, with a caveat that also applies to The LOTR and Godfather Trilogies.

The first two Star Wars movies are exceptional but the series falls apart at Return of the Jedi. The same almost applies to the LOTR troligy as well, I'll explain. The third movie is by far the most powerful of the three but gets mired down in too much "Hobbit Love", crying, and too many "endings". Yes I have read the books and I know they even chopped out a lengthy bit at the end concerning the Shire, but it lessens the impact of the trilogy's closing. Now as for The Godfather, 1 and 2 are cinematic masterpieces, but the third installment is a major letdown.

I am going to choose a more perfect Trilogy as my write in choice.

The Samurai Trilogy

user posted image

This series details the life of Miyamoto Musashi, one of Japan's most revered swordsmen. Tracing his beginings as an unruly youth to his eventual mastery of Bushido. The series closes with a spectacular sunrise dual on Ganryu Island, with his lifelong rival Sasaki Kojiro.
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