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Full Version: Final Fantasy XII Japanese Release Date
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This past weekend at The Square Enix Party 2005, the much delayed Final Fantasy XII was finally given a Japanese release date of March 16, 2006. No word was given on a US release date yet.

IGN Hands on playtest
At long last, the game has resurfaced in playable form. Final Fantasy XII was undoubtedly the most popular title at the Square Enix Party 2005, a two day event now in progress over in Japan. Despite the availability of a couple hundred playable kiosks, lines to play the game were so long that I decided to use my press privileges to cut in front of all the Cloud and Aerith cos-players (those press credentials aren't just good for sneaking into swimsuit exhibitions... I can cut in line at game shows, too!). When my play time ended, I'd managed to play FFXII for an hour (a surprising thing, considering the demo had at most thirty minutes of gameplay on it).
Vitamin D
Yeah I read that yesterday seems to be turning out well...sounds a bit too much like FF XI from what I read though. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen haha. Also, if March 2006 is for the Japanese release date, we got a long wait ahead.
QUOTE (Vitamin D @ Aug 1 2005, 12:56 PM)
sounds a bit too much like FF XI

user posted image

haha ok, now that i got that out of my system, i think its cool that they're moving toward a more open ended game instead of a linear progression, i'll be intrested to see how this turns out.
Vitamin D
Damn. beigelaugh.gif that picture's too funny.
Wait.. this isn't PSU... I'll pass.

It's about time.
QUOTE (tanshin @ Aug 2 2005, 01:41 AM)

beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif

One of the funniest of these I have seen.

There's a rumor that the release of FFXII is being held off so as not to compete with Tetsuya Nomura's upcoming Kingdom Hearts II.

more info here
Competing with KH2 wouldn't be so bad - not NEARLY as bad as pitting it against a Dragon Quest game.
I don't think it's so much "pitting it up against" a game that may become the victor in sales, but rather competing against themselves. Kind of like how nintendo would probably not release "Super Mario Bros. Cube" and "Super Mario Bros. guest starring some disney characters" at the same time.
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