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Full Version: FFVII, A Legend, A Remake?
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CHIBA CITY, Japan--One of the highlights of the trailer compilation shown in one of the main theaters on the show floor of the Square Enix Party 2005 is the PlayStation 3 technology demo of the opening sequence of Final Fantasy VII. Ever since the short clip's debut in May during Sony's E3 press conference, there has been talk that the footage shown is evidence that Square Enix intends to release a remake of the FFVII. The talk started up again with renewed interest, as the clip took centerstage during a compilation of trailers shown of upcoming Square Enix games. We took the opportunity to talk to a Square Enix rep for the internal division within the company, whose focus is on the properties relating to Final Fantasy VII, to get the scoop.

Square Enix's initial response to our inquiry about whether the tech demo is suggestive of a full game in the works fell in the realm of a carefully worded corporate response. The reps noted that, as was mentioned at E3, the demo was created to show just how powerful the PlayStation 3 technology is. As a result, it's a tech demo only and is not intended to indicate that a PS3 remake of FFVII is presently under active development by the company.

However, when pressed, the reps also noted that further plans for content based on FFVII haven't been set, per se. They affirmed that the resulting reaction from fans over the demo footage and the content related to FFVII shown at the party has been overwhelmingly positive. As a result, provided fan reaction continues to be feverishly positive over the demo, and the very notion of a FFVII remake is certainly something Square Enix would bear in mind when planning future projects.

Does this mean it's on? Probably not at this exact moment, but at this point, we're willing to bet it's not a matter of if an FFVII remake will happen, but when.


There is also an Article in "Electronics Gaming Magazine" Which mentions how Square-Enix has been swayed to the remake. I think it's the august issue, it has a yellow cover with the three new next-gen consoles forming a triangle. Page 57, Rumor Mill ;)
Hmm intresting, but...

How can this be true when FFVII was recently banned by the Department of Homeland Defense?!

Don't feel bad woe, I saw it posted on quite a few other forums as a serious announcement too.
QUOTE (Wiryu @ Aug 1 2005, 02:13 PM)
There is also an Article in "Electronics Gaming Magazine" Which mentions how Square-Enix has been swayed to the remake...

According to IGN, it appears this is not going to happen, who knows though.

UPDATE: There will not be a Final Fantasy VII remake for PS3. Repeat, there will not be a remake. But, there will be a new Final Fantasy game. We'll have info on that as it happens.

It would be so cool to see this game redone with the visuals of next gen.

FFVII Tech Demo screens stolen borrowed from IGN.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
What SE needs to do is make a remake of FF VI, not VII. Kefka in full cgi/ps3 glory, a massive cgi cutscene with hundreds of Espers decending on him just to get wiped out. TThe opera scene, nuff said. I could go on, but I think ya get the point.
I would've loved to see 4 and/or 5 get the 128-bit treatment. Nothing wrong with FF7, but I still say they're milking this too much.
Blech, VI didn't have nearly enough in depth story for me.
Personally I don't like any of the FF's except for 7. Most likely because it was the only one I played, but also because I've just been tired with all the Fantasy Set-ups. All the sword wielding, Dragon slaying,womzg save the world, hot chicks scantly dressed(Um wait),holy knight set-up. Its just seems so trite now a days. But I think thatís why I liked FFVII so much, the city of Midgar reminded me of the City(New York). I could imagine the executives from Shinra riding the train down to the slums to by drugs and such, it was so awesome. Then it was also one of the first RPG's I ever remember where you could use a black guy who kicked a lot of ass. I was all like womzg he cursed! when I first saw him. The city of Midgar was really what made me fall in love with FFVII and how the characters interacted with it.

I have a hard time understanding why developers have a hard time doing a contemporary RPG type game. I was sitting here and came up with a crapload of ideas. Make it a Breath of Fire meets Streets of Rage type of game. Your main character could be a young man living in the hood and his objective could be that his brother or family or whatever was killed/destroyed by an up and coming conglomerate with spineless evil directors. Then he could be like a Venom or Punisher type character that he's good/bad. Along the way he meets up with characters that their paths just happen to lead down the same way. Some of the character weapons could be a bat, a shank, a glock, a shotgun etc. You know and make it into an RPG. Man, I would so totally play this game.
AC, you realize you just described the basic concept/setup of San Andreas, right? beigelaugh.gif
lol, wow, i probably wouldn't have even caught it had crush not said anything, but yah, exactly like san andreas beigebiggrin.gif
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Aug 5 2005, 02:38 PM)
AC, you realize you just described the basic concept/setup of San Andreas, right? beigelaugh.gif

Haha I never played GTA:SA and didn't know. beigelaugh.gif
Vitamin D
You know...I'm not sure I want to see a cross-dressing Cloud with better graphics. >_>
maybe he'll look really pretty! :D <3
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