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Do you guys do anything in the game besides go to "da club?" beigelaugh.gif
I don't know what they do when I'm not around, but when I'm on, we're kicking ass without bothering to take any names, flipping out, killing pirates, and straight uppercutting mouths.

and I must say, ellianna's character looks bad ass in that pic.
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Sep 1 2005, 08:01 PM)
Do you guys do anything in the game besides go to "da club?"  beigelaugh.gif

hahah hell yea like Tanshin said, sometimes we do stuff like this:

user posted image
Cold as ice.
user posted image
i like the pic's.. ;}
& i especially like the fashion-sense ~ more please..
QUOTE (DivA @ Sep 2 2005, 10:26 AM)
~ more please..

You got it.

Bryn outside of this cool Diner we came across, never seen one anywhere else.
user posted image

"Everybody be cool, this is a robbery."
user posted image

"Do you always look at in encoded?"
user posted image

A quiet moment on top of the Hypercube Monument in Mara.
user posted image
that's the sweetest thing i have ever seen~! cry2.gif
We hit fifteen last night and were able to access the "Construct" zones. The Constructs are basically an arena where special mobs are present and PVP is enabled. The Constructs are in essence, earlier versions of the Matrix that are available via an Archivist.

Arrival in the Yuki Construct.
user posted image

These samurai types were scattered all over the arena.
user posted image

We didn't run into any other players to fight while we were there, so we honed our skills on the npc's.
user posted image

A couple screens from an earlier session:

Exploring the International District.
user posted image

One of our missions brought us before this Merovingian beastie.
user posted image
Taking a break between missions at a Sushi Bar in Sai Kung.
user posted image
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