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Full Version: Spiegal Time
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Woe, Tell me that avatar of yours is the one and only spike spiegal from the greatest anime ever, cowboy bebop. Is it not?

Now you may be asking yourself in a very angry manner such as this "WIRYU WTF!!! PM FUCK N00B!" Well let me tell you why i avoided Pm's here, because i believe that since Cowboy Bebop is un-arguably the greatest anime ever (don't even bother posting a difference of opinion because i said unarguable, you looz) everyone who has not yet seen Cowboy Bebop should take a minute, look at woes avatar, and admire. Then when you're done admiring, go out and get cowboy bebop, because again (and i can't stress the un enough) un-arguably the greatest anime ever.

Now then, if you TRUELY insist on arguing my point, my secretary the trash bucket would be more than happy to file your opinions.
[Rumour] They are making a sequal to Cowboy Bebop with just Faye and spike as the main charcters. [/Rumour]

PS: Jet and Ein are the biggest stars of the show. It would be nothing without them.
Yes, yes it is indeed Mr Spiegal. And I agree with you that you will be hard pressed to find a better anime series. though GITS, both series, are just a step behind.

On a side note, you're obviously using reverse psychology to spark a debate, well played. ninja2.gif
i clicked on this from the portal and expected something along the lines of sinow spiegal >.>
All i have to say is...

user posted image
QUOTE (Woe @ Aug 15 2005, 08:19 PM)
All i have to say is...

user posted image

isn't that in the original all your base video?
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