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Full Version: Xbox 360 Prices...
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The bundle will be 500 bucks Canadian...i'm seriously wondering if i will buy this now...and they sell the 20 gig hard drive seperatly if you want for 129 bucks cnd...what the hell? you can get a 160 gig hard drive these days for that price...i will want to know and see the difference in loading of games and what not if you dont have the hardrive...

If you add 2 games plus taxes on all that,it comes close to 700 bucks for everything.Pretty damn expensive for a console.

They should of made one kind and sell it in between,the bundle one,for 349 bucks or something..,2 kinds will confuse a lot of people who will bring it back and curse the XBox and Microsoft etc,etc....i will probably buy the bundle at launch anyway,because i'm a game addict hehe but i still think it's a little steep...

Undecided still...and from reading all the negative feedback everywhere,it's astoundingly high against this pricing,i bet MS will change it...(whishful thinking i know). beigelaugh.gif
may as well buy a PC with that kind of money. Price was always the advantage consoles had over PC, because it costs so much in parts to run the latest games on PC. That may no longer be true.
It seems like microsoft is trying to be the Puff Daddy of the gaming industry by whoring it out. I mean the way they have been marketing it strikes me a bit odd, like the way it was unveiled on MTV as if it was some great big thing. Seems like they are trying to attract in general people who normally wouldn't play games. With games such as WoW and FFXI they may very well succeed. Plus make a big enough hype for anything throw some special effects and fancy lighting and maby some boobies for good measure and just about anyone will buy into it. Case in point, Star Wars. beigelaugh.gif

Although I feel if Microsoft truly wants to be succesful they need to think about Non-American gamer. The X-box seemed quite popular here in the US but I'm pretty sure their acceptance in foreign soils was what hurt their position in "the console wars." Although I have been rather surprised at some upcoming titles for the 360 and am a bit optomistic on how well the 360 will do, becuase in the end it all comes down to just that. The software.
I only have one thing to say though. PSU rappy-walk.gif
It was a bad move on MS's part to make the HD non-standard on the 360. One of my favorite features of the Xbox was the HD, no memory cards needed, download content, custom music, caching games for faster loading, etc.

Now games will have to be tailored for people with AND without a HD. This will either mean longer game dev times/costs or sacrificing HD related funcitonality in the games, which is bad for us games either way. MS's policy of every game functioning regardless of the HD may hurt the 360 in the long run, but we'll just have to see.

If it were up to me, I would have just released the "deluxe pack" or whatever they call it, and save the cheap-scrub-no-hd version for 1.5-2 years down the road when they need to drop the price on the system or something. MS is pimping the multimedia/online functionality of the 360 as its key feature, but with the standard version, you get no HD, no Headset, what is the damn point?

Also, isn't the Backwards-compatibility of the 360 tied into the HD as well? It will certainly be a kick in joe-six-packs junk when he buys his new system (bargain version, natch) and can't play halo 2 on it like he ought to be able to.

MS, stop dragging your ass on this crap bash.gif
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