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I've seen a music post on here before, but i figured this is a nice way to get an idea of who likes what for music, and maybe get an idea for some new good songs.
It works real easy, three bands you like, and three songs by them that you like. Since i started the thread, i'll start the bidding! (feel free to exceed the 3's)

Our Lady Peace
1. Where are you
2. One man army
3. Somewhere out there

Nine Inch Nails
1. March of the pigs
2. Hurt
3. Bite the hand that feeds

1. Don't look back in anger
2. Don't go away
3. Stop crying you heart out

The Killers
1. All these things that i've done
2. Somebody told me
3. Mr. Brightside
Nine Inch Nails
1. And All That Could Have Been
2. Something I can Never have
3. The Ruiner

1. Last Things
2. Torpedoes (MDFMK)
3. Anarchy

A Perfect Circle
1. Passive
2. Magdalena
3. The outsider
Mobb Deep
Give Up The Goods
Right Back at You
Shook Ones Pt. II

Trust Company
Drop To Zero

Heaven Sent
Country Livin'
Breath From Another
Front Line Assembly
1. Plasticity
2. Mindphaser
3. Virus

Skinny Puppy
1. VX Gas Attack
2. Nature's Revenge
3. Smothered Hope

1. In the Night
2. Bunker Gate Seven
3. On the Run

1. A Terrifying Truth
2. Slugbait
3. World Window

Also just have a peek at the Now Playing@AT Radio button from time to time. beigebiggrin.gif
A Perfect Circle
1) The Noose
2) The Hollow
3) Pet

1) Stupid Girl
2) Metal Heart
3) Why Do You Love Me?

1) Set It Off
2) Cochise
3) Show Me How To Live

Bonus selection!!!

1) Stinkfist
2) Parabola
3) Sober
A few additionals on my part.

Ben Folds Five
1. Selfless, Cold, and Compossed.
2. Brick
3. Kate

Pink Floyd
1. Comfortably Numb
2. Another Brick in the Wall
3. Brain Damage

1. Frank Sinatra
2. I Will Survive
3. Daria
    Odonata - Arcane Voices
    Odonata - Ilona
    Aphelion - Exultation
Aphex Twin
    Single - Hot-buttered Popcorn (Techno Mix)
    Single - Star Wars Trance
    Single - Tetris Re-mix
    Sacred Spirits - Noha
    Enam - m'anchelli
    Tristesse de la Lune - Ninive
favorite music? take a look above ~ i'm the zealot for decent ambient beats & much, much more ~ such is the path of music, never truly content with just a few & never such a thing as having too much...these come to mind at present but is subject to change at any time.. ;}
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