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Full Version: Killer 7
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I bought this game a few days ago. I didn't get to play much of it this weekend since I was out of town on a canoeing trip.
From the 5 minutes I actually played, I can conclude that this game is a fucked up game.
The visual style of the game is awesome.
More later.
hrm... I expected more replies on this one.. oh well.
Have you had more time to spend with Killer 7 yet? I always thought that this game looked awesome, but I am a big fan of the cell shaded style. Yes, I was one of the 6 people who really liked the way Wind Waker was done. beigesmile.gif Anyways... Most of the reviews I have been reading say that Killer 7 isn't all that great, but I wanna hear it from an actual person who I trust.

There is supposed to be some odd sort of targeting system where you only have specific areas on the bad guys where your shots do damage. Is that right? If so, is it a pain?

Do you have the ability to choose which of your 7 personalities you get to be on each different mission or are they preselected? (hence the 7 in the title)

The reviewers talk about the fact that the story is way @#$%'ed up. Like, past the point of comprension. Have you found that to be the case or is it just wacky and reviewers are making a big deal out it?
I got a chance to play a bit more yesterday even though I had a night class.
Honestly, I think its awesome because of the way the game was made.
I guess I'm one of those people who buy games that people would have 2nd thoughts buying because of a mediocre review. Also, I can say that not everyone will like this game.

So far the enemies I've encountered (called the Heavens Smile) are initially "cloaked". Only by pressing the L trigger (while you have your weapon in the ready position) you do a scan and they reveal themselves.
Once revealed, the enemies reveal their weakspot. It's usually some yellow dots swirling around in a small spot. They're either placed on the head, arm, body, or leg. Hit it directly and they die in one shot & you absorb their blood, thick or thin. (followed by a one liner by the selected persona. My personal favorite would be, "You're Fucked!" by Coyote Smith).
Oh yea, the targeting... It's exactly like Resident Evil 4 except you can instantly lock on in an enemy. But it won't necessarily target the weakspot.

Blood can use used for special attacks/abilities, recovery, and it can be processed into serum. Serum lets you upgrade one of the personas skills like power, speed, waver, criticals, etc. Basically a level up system. Once you upgrade a certain skill to a certain level, you get a new ability.

As you have read, there are 7 personas. 6 of them you can change at will but Garcian can't change into anyone else unless he uses the T.V. He's the only one that can revive any of the 6 personas. For example, if you're playing as one of the others and you die, you can choose Garcian & take him to the place where you initially died and he can revive him/her.
This is pretty bizarre in itself.
When you approach the place where you died, it has the chalk outline of your character and a paper bag (they call it a body bag in the game) with the character's head... I forgot how this goes but once you retrieve the body of a character, you have to go back to the T.V. and revive them by repeatedly pressing the A button.
SO, if you die using Garcian, its game over.

Controls are a bit odd. You press A to move forward. B to change directions. And there's your usual RE set up, R trigger to ready your weapon, A to fire. The d-pad is used to lock on an enemy and the c-stick is used to reload. Unlimited ammo though but you have to reload after a certain amount of shots. Sucks when theres an enemy in your face and you have to reload first.
There is absolutely no free roaming whatsoever. It's basically a rail system. Certain parts has different paths.

The game is far from wacky. It's FUBAR. I'll give some examples.
You run into this guy who's name is TRAVIS throughout the game. Sometimes he gives hints and other times he just tells you that you're a loser assassin or whatever. His "language" or whatever is uncomprehensable. Its jibberish but the game gives you subtitles for it. The hint guy, Iwazaru, has the exact "language". It's sorta creepy . I think its japanese playing backwards or something.
There's this one area where you walk through a laundry mat and when you open one of the drying machines up, theres a head that speaks to you. Again, in that jibberish language.
Totally freaked me out because of how the camera was set up.
There's another guy that gives you hints. He holds this mask. One time he told me to shoot the mask for additional hints. Once I did that, He gave me the finger from both hands haha. He bitches me out and gives me the hint. You have to give him blood though.
It's already freaky from the beginning of the game. Once you turn on the game and the logos appear, there's this freakish laugh that you hear. Same thing when you choose an option from the title menu.
Some of the sound effects and "jingles" are emotionally disturbing.
Honestly, I don't know if I should be scared or whatever.

And that's is just from the first hour of the game. It comes with 2 discs.
QUOTE (DJ_Donkey @ Aug 23 2005, 02:13 PM)

And that's is just from the first hour of the game. It comes with 2 discs.

Haha Man that sounds awesome.
I think the most important question all the readers are wondering, are you having any fun with it?
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Aug 23 2005, 06:50 PM)
QUOTE (DJ_Donkey @ Aug 23 2005, 02:13 PM)

And that's is just from the first hour of the game. It comes with 2 discs.

Haha Man that sounds awesome.
I think the most important question all the readers are wondering, are you having any fun with it?

Oh definitely. I got through the first chapter just now. In the beginning of the next chapter there's hand drawn anime cut scenes that flesh out the story.
Another crazy moment: You control Garcian at the beginning of the next chapter at his house. You hear some random screams in the background. I'm not sure what was going on but those were some disturbing screams.
Those screams were all in your head, man.
Going to the website, it has a sort of "Yakuza" feel to it.
Sorry to dust off an old walnut, but I just picked this one up on the cheap at a closeout sale, and GAWD-damn!

This is the craziest game I have ever, EVER played. With the weird-ass controls and push-over puzzles, I thought it would just be some cheesy fluff in nice graphics, but the story and presentation are off the charts!

I usually don't get too into the story on a game, but I keep going on and on in Killer 7 just to see what the hell will happen next. The over-the-top violence and visual style really brings to mind the Sin City movie, but with a bizarre mind-bending story.

I know probably 10 people bought this game in the entire world, but damn it Capcom, make a sequel for Revolution or something, this game would just own using the controller as a funky light gun. The weirdness must continue! guns.gif
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