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Full Version: Cutiosity that is "Zelda"
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So i was thinking today, what if nintendo took an entirely different approach to zelda for one game to open up for another. What if they took a fresh, young, cool new design for the main villian in the zelda series that is ganon and put you in the user of the Tri-force of power? Under the influence of war in Hyrule, the only way to save your village is to recognize the power that resides in your hands. Destroy the armies come to take over what they call the dark lands, but what you call home.

The leader of this crusade? The king of Hyrule, and among his tactitioners, a very young princess Zelda, and her faithful, yet aged bodyguard, Link. Take Young Ganon, bring him through the trials to bring down the shields that protect Hyrule castle, and end the war by becoming the ultimate ruler of Hyrule. Ganon, with his triforce of power, battles his way through countless enemies, and makes friends along the way. Opening as a pre-req for a second installment of this which would include a new game where after playing from the eyes of the wielder of the triforce of power, take back again the eyes of the hero, and save the conquered land of hyrule, as the Triforce of Courage is proven in the eyes of the desendant of the great bodyguard Link. (since they let you name your character.)

I just thought of the idea and thought it might be kind of cool to play through the eyes of a young ganon, whom has a purpose, and is absorbed in greed and power. Would you be interested in an idea like this?
Sure thing!
And I would hope they make it in the same graphic style as Wind Waker!

no... seriously, I loved that game. It's look, style, everything.

actually, windwaker is the style of graphics i had in mind for ganons particular look.
to play through eyes other than Link's, i would be interested; also, it would give a different perspective & fresh ideas to an otherwise cliche palette of good defeating evil...again, & again.. *muses* such tales are never truly black & white, & if they are ~ then from who's perspective?
It'd be great to play the game thru the eyes of TINGLE!!!

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