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Full Version: sega arcade online-rpg
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ok, so i was a 'lil bored today, so i did some poking around in the usual vg-channels & cross paths with something that looked rather interesting & figured to clue everyone here about it; perhaps to shed insight for those that have yet to see looks promising, i'll say that much...the game is called Quest of D Ver. 2.0 & i caught a brief tid-bit over at the magic-box; here be the link ~ qod v2 mmm, apparently out in japanese arcades ~ it's an online action-rpg, probably along the lines of PsO & PsU - since it's done by sega, of course.. ;} i'll admit that the visuals look hopeful, & since it's done by sega i'll have faith in knowing that they have the mechanics down to a science by now..


i was really curious about this one; after all, what if this turns out to be a potential title for ps3, or maybe xbox-360? so i decide to look this up further & sure enough, there is a website about this game ~ nice ~ & i check it out......all i have to say is ~ woah.. & it takes much to impress your's truly.. check out the flash intro & you'll see what i mean ~ qod-home

does anyone have any further insight about this? i'm not well-versed in japanese, unfortunately; but i can guess that since it's online, that means ~ multiplayer.. evilking.gif but wow the website (alone) is verified, that is true; so keep tabs on this one, for it can quite possibly be a secret PsO-killer (heresy? hmmm..) ~ now to make a sig so i can link it, for i think that i just became a believer ~ enjoy.. at-emote2.gif
I remember reading about the original version (1.0 I suppose!) a while back. I think it's developed on the Triforce hardware, which means it would a theoretically simple port to the cube.

It used those Sega arcade data card things (like VF4 and Initial D) to store your character and progress, and I think you could buy trading card pack/e-card thingies to get new weapons/spells/moves in game or something like that. I think it also made use of a touch-screen panel so you could cast spells, equip stuff, and use the menu quickly without detracting from the game action. Notice, all the buttons on the screens there, you actually reach up and press them with your fingers!

Chances of a console version are probably pretty slim, unfortunately. It seems like since it's geared heavily toward the arcade setting with the cards, dedicated touchscreen cab, and online stuff, it would be difficult to maintain the same game experience in a home version.

Maybe on Nintendo Revolution using NDS as a wireless controller with a gameboy e-reader plugged into the GBA Slot, though? beigelaugh.gif A ridiculous setup, but it would definetly get you all the features of the game.
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