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Full Version: true power..
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hehe, do you dare? ok, just a random thought of the moment ~ if you were bestowed with the power of GOD*, my question would be ~ what would you do with it? evilking.gif note* - GOD, Allah, Hashem, Krishna, etc, etc ~ yatta, yatta.........all the same.. ;p
i'd live life peaceuflly. ;)

but not before i had to force peace on the rest of the world! >:D
indeed, & perhaps that may be the only way to have peace upon the world ~ since nothing else shows lasting effectiveness......mmm, there's probably a bazillion+ things i would like nothing better than to make happen ~ it would be a field day & perhaps a bit of a new awakening for the world...a few come easily to mind..
    1) awash the world & remove any artificial elements that pollute the environment; maybe even re-shape the world to have new lands & seas ~ new beginnings..
    2) turn all corrupt politicians into monkeys, & yet have them be aware of who they once were, but can do nothing more than behave as monkeys do.. evilking.gif
    3) erase JarJar from global consciousness..
    4) erase the first 3 episodes of StarWars from global consciousness..
    5) create & unleash elves, dwarves, gnomes & dragons to roam the earth..
    6) turn all banks, political structures & military bases into very large trees.. ;p
    7) spark & kindle magic, a type that only the disciplined can utilize..
    8) give worthy mortals instant bliss ~ bliss on tap.. ;}
beigelaugh.gif @ erasing star wars

That bliss on tap reminds me of a music video we saw in school once. I think it was Kenna or something like that. Sacred New Cow I believe was the name of the album that the song came from. Don't know if you're familiar with them but you might like said video I am talking about, Its done in that claymation kind of way. If only I could remember the name of the song.

*edit "Hell Bent" is the name of the song

I think the movie Bruce Almighty covers just about how I would react if placed in said situation. Oh yeah, I would disrupt the time space continum and make it so that tomorrow was PSU's NA release date. trophy.gif
If I had the supreme power, I would ..... send all unworthies to the bottomless pits of hades and have grapes hand feed to me by handsome virle young men while lounging on a unicorn.
Oh, and lots and lots of wine... oh and be a size 3 with huge...........
But that's only from a selfish, pms type attitude.
f**k world peace.
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