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Full Version: Fantasy Earth
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Heres something interesting, squares new MMORPG, looks pretty cool, think i might actually try for the Beta.
I've been watching this game since the official JP website went up a year ago. Haven't heard anything about a stateside release tho. It seems this'll be SE own answer to the Guild War/Lineage II type players, but with cute anime characters.
I am greatly dissapointed by the screenshots in that link, then again.. it hasn't even hit beta yet (albeit soon) and screenshots rarely do justice.

detailed trailer plz!
Gotta go with Woe on this one, the graphics on this look pretty damn shitty. It looks like some PS2 game from like 4 years ago, not a PC title coming out NEXT YEAR. The models are too blocky, and the textures are all washed out, and lets not even talk about TEH JAGGIEZ. crash.gif

From the description of the gameplay, it sounds like some kinda conquest-oriented dynasty warriors type deal, rather than a regular MMORPG. I hope it is heavily PVP focused, instead of the milquetoast conquest monster-fighting stuff they pulled in FFXI.
Oddies da Nerfed
<looks are screenshots, loads up fear demo, and bf2> Hrm, looks like se is going with the ffxi route, shity graphics (unless you reg hack) and utterly impossible to upgrade engine! Not something youd expect as a "modern" pc game. Yet i bet itll still run like garbage on a solid machine.
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