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Full Version: Dragon Quest VIII demo
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Just got this puppy in the mail today, and I must say this game looks great. Level5 really pulled out the stops with this one.

The characters and scenery are lively and colorful. The battles don't feel as tedious as in past games. The "psyching up" thing looks and feels somewhat like a DBZ episode, and the battles can get quite hairy. Other than that, it's all goodl.

I definitely look forward to the final product. Anyone else played it yet? If so, what'd you think?
I thought it was awesome...the music was great also and like you said,everything screams high production value and the cel shading is perfect.The voice acting was also tremendous,which is sometimes rare and lost in the translation.

It also has a typical Dragon Warrior feel...i didnt skip any combats per say but went straight to the "Boss" and got clobbered the first time,i had to buy more herbs and level up a notch.

It should be a fantastic game.
Vitamin D
The game looks awesome, haven't played the demo, but I'm sure it would probably sway my decision to buy even more haha. No doubt this game will be amazing.
Argh, I haven't recieved my demo yet cry2.gif Seems like I signed up for it weeks ago, too!

I can't wait for DQ8, but what cruel god decided it comes out on the same day as X360? I'll feel like a total tool with a brand new console sitting there and being mesmerized by a PS2 RPG beigelaugh.gif
They'd better not censor the puff-puff, I'll say that much.
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